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Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Pepsi Stuff

Yes , this is a bad habit of mine. I just love pop! My husband
is the same way. We save all our caps and enter them on the
pepsi stuff website. If you have been doing this you may already
know that the promotion has ended as of today. I was hoping to
enter a few more codes tonight but no luck it HAS ended:(
However , on the pepsi stuff website there is a mail-in offer for $15
back in Pepsi and Frito-Lay coupons by mail. You must purchase 3
pepsi & 3 Frito-Lay products that are listed on the mail-in form.

Not the greatest , I know, but if you are going to be buying these
items anyways then why not take advantage of the offer. Purchase
dates are from 12/28/08 -02/17/09.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Coupons expiring soon

Time to check your coupon stash. Alot of coupons are expiring this month.

I just used $1 off Valassis pickle coupons to stockpile some pickles.
The relish is a $1 at Walmart making it free after the coupon:)
The ovals are $1.79.......so .79. This coupon expires soon!

*prices may vary*

You can find the Valassis coupon on The Centsible Sawyer blog.
You can find a link to her blog on my sidebar

Walmart Clearance

I found some underwear, socks and pj's in the Christmas clearance aisle.
They are 50% off. I think they are cute. The socks and underwear are
2.50 per set. The pj's are $5. They are in cute gift packs. These would
be great to put away for next Christmas .

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas to all !


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Tim
We love you honey

CVS 2 day sale Hurry

4 listerine
2 first aid kits
2 rolaids
2 sally hansen nail polish
1 benefiber
1 metallic eye shadow
__________________ =45.00 +tax
-.75 x2 listerine coupon
-1.00x3 Cvs listerine coupon
-2.00 loreal makeup
-3.00 Cvs coupon for polish
-2.00 benefiber coupon
-1.00x2 Cvs coupon 4 kit
-2.00__________________-15.50 coupons
-30.00 Ecbs
oop .85
earned 42.00 Ecbs
profit of $11.00
2nd: ....cant find receipt so oop is a guess
1 Listerine
1 bandaid
1 zipfizz
1 prohealth toothpaste
__________________=15.60 +tax
-.50 listerine
-.1.00 Cvs coup listerine
-.50 bandaids
-1.00 prohealth
-12.00 ecb
oop .85 (guess)
3rd: no picture
1 Excedrin
1 metallic eye shadow
1 Zantac
__________________= 16.00 +tax
-1.00 Zantac
-1.50 cvs coup for pain reliever
-12.00 ecb
00p 1.65
ecbs earned 16.00
Started with 30 ecbs
Ending with 46 !!!!!!
I got paid $16.00 to take all this home!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Remember to check your receipts!

A couple days ago I went to Cvs to buy a couple of spinbrushes.
They were on sale for 4.99. I bought 2 of them. They rang up
5.99. I said something to the cashier and she said that was the
sale price. Well I went back to where I got them and sure enough
they charged me $2 too much.
Today I went to Penneys and the ornaments I got were 60% off. I
was only given 50% off. So I went back and again they over charged
me. I was refunded almost $3s.
Thats $5 I could have lost by not checking my receipts. I wonder how
often this happens. It all adds up!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Good deal on the Entertainment book

Check out how you can get a free or cheap Entertainment book : http://freebies4mom.blogspot.com/

Cyber Monday..... Enter at your own risk....ranting in progress

My feelings about shopping online are mixed. I thought I
made some wonderful purchases. I was really happy with
what I got and the amount I spent. I also spent ALOT of
time researching on the net. I used promo codes and
ordered through ebates to earn rewards. All sounds good
right???? .................................. No:(
I made only two purchases on that Monday and both were
cancelled!!! My toys R us purchase was cancelled within a
couple days. This was really upsetting because I spent 3
hours looking for the perfect gift. Later I went back to look
at my order and it said cxed. What???
I called customer service and they said " no its not cancelled".
Ok now I have another 45 min. invested making calls, hold
time etc. Guess what the next day I got an e-mail that said
my order was Cxed because there was a problem with the
promo code (get $ off for paying with paypal). I knew it....
AGHHHH!!!! (the problem was a glitch) Well believe it or
not Toys R Us sent me another promo code that gave me
the same exact deal. I was a little nervous that I wouldn't get the
same prices since I ordered on Cyber Monday (Sales). I am so happy to
say that I got an even better deal!!! An item I wanted was not in stock
on Cyber Monday but was now in stock now>>>OH JOY:) (haha).
I ended spending alittle more but this was really what my son
wanted for Christmas. Well some how I ended up with free shipping
(I didnt get free shipping last time) My total ended up being even less
than my 1st total!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Toys R Us Really did what they needed
to keep the customer happy and in the end kept my business:)

Well all is not well with my CVS purchase! I am really upset.
My order was confirmed on Dec. 1st and I received a message
yesterday that they cancelled my order ( 2 weeks later).
The item is out of stock. NICE!!! I am really mad they waited
so long to tell me this. This actually was a gift for my husbands
birthday on the 20th. This really stinks , now I have no present.
Plus I got this item 50% off . I will never find anything that nice
for that price I'm sure. Thats all I got was the message .
There was no substitution offered. I wrote them and they wrote
back that it was out of stock and they are sorry but I am free to
order something else. NO KIDDING....Gee Thanks. I wrote them
back and asked if they could let me use the same promo code so
that I could have 50% off on something else. They wrote me back
and said "Sorry but we cancelled your order due to lack of inventory.
They didn't even answer my question.

To me this is poor customer service. I will never order online from
them again. I really didn't want to order online but the promo
was only online only.
This leaves a really bad 1st impression. Have they lost my business .......
I guess not because I really get great deals at they're store.
BUT they have lost my business online and on this purchase.

CVS have you forgotten who is your bread and butter???
I'll remind you......

Ahhhhh:) I fell better now!

Saturday, December 13, 2008


I had a $10 off coupon and combined it with $10/50 coupon.

3 shirts
1 4/pk socks
total about $52, - $20 after coupons

$32 oop saved $85 with sale and coupons

Back to Walgreens


Pedegg, 1 pedegg replacement blade, 1 laundry detergent

-$5 RR

pd: $8.03

This didn't work out the way I planned!

The detergent rang up 1.99 today so my total was

under $25 so no RR:(


2 digital photo keychains (50%off), laundry detergent and deodorant

-1.50 Wags coupon, -1 ( both for the deodorant)

$18.47 oop earned $5RR


3 12pks coke, sure deodorant, dog treats and a comb, razor

-3 coke coupons, -1.50 wags coup (deodorant), free dog treats coup.,

-2 comb, -3 wags coupon (razor) and $5 RR

$8.xx oop earned a $2RR and a $5RR


Stetson aftershave and 4 pencils

-$5 RR

$1 oop

All this for about $35.00 and I have a $2RR left.

Its more oop then I like but I figured I saved about $65:)

I got alot of gifts and things we needed so I guess I did ok.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Lovin Walgreens!

1st transaction:
2 packs English muffins
1 dozen eggs
2 reynolds wrap
2 laundry soap
3 ornaments
$7.13 after coupons Received a $5 RR

2nd transaction:
2 laundry soaps
2 reynolds wrap
2 3pks scotch tape
2 ragu
$10.xx Received $5RR & will get a $2 rebate for the tape

I have $10 to spend!!!
In case you don't know Walgreens is having a four day sale.
Spend $25 and get a $5 RR for your next trip. I have done this a
couple times and the $25 is before coupons. This works out in
your favor!

The laundry detergent really brought my total up. It rings up 6.99
so 13.98 for two. There is a coupon in their 4 day flyer that makes them
1.99 .

There are endless possibilities. The sale ends Sat. so try to head out.

Walmart Price Matches

You may already know that Walmart will price match.

I just wanted to mention what a friend of mine did. ......

She was having trouble using her gift card online so she
went to Walmart to make her purchase in the store. Walmart
didn't have the same deal in the store that they had online. I
guess online the camera she wanted was $40.00 cheaper and
came with a free memory card. She asked an associate
who said she didn't think she could give her that price
but when she asked the manager he said they have to since
they price match! So she got her camera $40s cheaper with
a memory card and she saved herself the shipping cost.

Good to know:)

Monday, December 8, 2008

More Shopping

1st aid kit
2 maybelline lipglosses
1 powerade
- 2/$4 maybelline coupons 12/7 RP
- $1 cvs coupon for 1st aid kit found in the CVS diabetes magazine
=$2.13 used gift card, $0 oop
ECBS earned $1.59

2 Lumen air candles
1 cornbread mix
about $1.30
Used 2 /$5 coupons from 12/7 smartsource

box of 3 ornaments
-$5 (sign up to receive emails from kohls and get a $5 coupon)
= about $ 3.15

All for about $4.50 plus I have a $1.59 ecb to spend:)

JcPenney Coupon

$10.00 off a $10.00 or more purchase.

This came in my mailbox. Check yours , others reported getting them too:)

Friday, November 28, 2008

Great coupon code!

No longer available

ToysRus has a great coupon code for $25 off $50 order.
You have to pay using paypal. Enter this promo code
>>>>> paypal25
Enter this on the same page you enter paypal as your payment
method otherwise it will not apply the discount. Also I had free
shipping items in my cart but when I used this code shipping was
added back on.

My order came $57.xx
I paid................ $37.xx

I'm happy with that! Shipping was about $6 and tax about $4.

Thanks slickdeals.net for this one

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Great CVS trip

I had to change my plan at CVS . I got a $10/50 CVS coupon today. I was planning on spending about $20 anyways so I decided to go ahead and find more things to buy :)

This trip did take me about an hour. I think I did really well. I could have done a little better but I was too tired and I just wasn't prepared enough.

Here's the DL:

1 package Viva papertowels (8pk)

4 Diet Pepsi 2 litre.

2 spices

2 trial size peanuts

2 boxes Post cereal

Complete multi purpose solution

2 revlon eyeshadows

1 bubble bath

Wonder bread


Maybelline mineral foundation


Here are the coupons I used:

$10/50 cvs coupon

$3/15 cosmetic purchase (cvs)

-$3 mineral makeup

(2) -$2 Revlon makeup

-$1/4 pepsi coupon ( found on hang tag)

-$1 Multi purpose solution

-$3.79 Coupon for free cereal

-$15.00 ECB


= $11.00 oop, earned $21.00 ecbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Grocery Shopping

I really like my Giant Eagle trip. I got a lot I think
2 boxes Reeses cereal....my favorite!
2 BOXES Cinnimon Toast Crunch
Texas toast
2 Phisoderm facial washes
2 dial soap
2 hotdog buns
wheat and white bread
2 Lindt chocolate bars
4 lipton sides
3 Betty Crocker frostings
4 lipton recipe soup mixes
2 cream cheese blocks

= $38 before coupons

$18 after
I saved more thanI spent!


tuna creations
1 Valassis ovals and 1 relish
4 cream soups
Farmland ham
2 banquet frozen dinners
ground hamburger
1 jalapeno bread

= $18.00
after coupons $12.00
2 evaporated milk cans
Bic Soleil razor refills
Dove gift bag
Almay mascara

Used 5/$20 coupon
-1.50 for the Dove
-1 mascara
-soleil coupons (store and manufacturer coupons)
-ev. milk ( store and man. coupons)
= 18.00 oop

will get 6.99 back for the mascara.


2 boxes cereal
(2) $1 off coupons

2 cvs facial tissues
$2 off cvs coupon

Tissues were free after coupons
$2 for the cereal
- $2 ecb = tax

Giant Eagle

4 rice sides
(2) .60/2 coupon dbled
2 boxes lipton tea
(2) .60 coupons dbled
I believe I paid $5 or so and got a $3 OYNO coupon
so......about $2 for this in the end.

Off Budget

Today I feel like I've overdone things a little bit:( I've spent quite
a bit more than I usually like. There seems to be a lot of good deals
out there and I don't want to miss out on anything. I know I sound
like a kid.
I think I should have stayed away fromWalgreens last week since I
had already gone early in the week. That $5/20 just really draws me
in. I spent 18 oop. I dont like that. I did get 1 rebate item so I'll get
$6.99 back. I also got a couple gifts, TP and lunchmeat.....so I guess
its more like I spent $11.
I also had a high OOP at CVS. I really wanted to do the battery deal.
It did cost me $19 . I used $9 ecbs and $10 oop, Yikes!!!! I hate to
spend that much oop:( I did get $15 ecbs back. I know this is good
but I'll have to spend at least $15 at CVS next time. I'll have to be
creative so that I can keep rolling my Ecbs without losing to many
of them.
Well I feel better that I've confessed.....( I did spend lots more but I'll
spare the details). Next week I think I'll skip shopping.

Oh who am I kidding its Black Friday next week! AGHHHHH

I'm out of control!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday updates

  • Just a couple things:

70% off!!! Use promo code....dessert
Get a $25.00 gift certificate for $3.00s. I'm all over that ..haha.
This will make a great gift.

Don't forget about the Walgreen's $5/20 coupon. This is good Friday and Saturday only.
You can get your coupon on my sidebar.

Here is a great freebie for a Schick Quattro Titanium Trimmer.
*1 per household*.
This would make a great stocking stuffer if you get it before Christmas.

Kmart is doubling coupons up to $2 . Nov.12-16 (some locations)
and Nov.30th-Dec.6th all Kmarts will be participating.

Sears announced that they now offer layaway. Good to know .
They do require 20% down (I believe).

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Walgreens $5/20 coupon

Walgreens $5/20 coupon is out again.
Friday Nov. 14th and Saturday Nov.15th
You can print yours at Coupons.com.

I am going to look for scenerios on slickdeals.net
and hotcouponworld.com. Look under the drugstore
forums to help inspire you.

I'll let you know if I come up with anything good:)


Have you heard of Swagbucks? Use Swagbucks as your search
engine and you can win "Swagbucks". These can be redeemed
for prizes in the Swagstore. You can also earn Swagbucks by
shopping through their site and referring friends . 45 Swagbucks
can be redeemed for a $5.00 Amazon gift card to give you an idea .

I usually win $1-$2 daily. Not bad. That could be a $5 card every
month if a search daily. Here is a link to sign up.

This is my referral link. Thanks


Friday, November 7, 2008

$1 Sale at Walmart

Wow I lucked in to some great deals today! I was at Walmart
and I noticed a bunch of people going nuts over a few racks of
clothes. I went over to check it out and everything was $1!
I went twice because the cashier told me they were bringing
more things out at 4:00. I heard an associate say they will bring
more out tomorrow.
I can't show a picture because a few things will be Christmas presents.
There were lots of Faded Glory clothes and Hanna Montana shirts
(This is where I saved a ton because my daughter loves Hanna)
The Halloween clearance was 75% off. They had lots of costumes at
my store. I bought a few shirts for next year for about $2.
I don't know if this is a local thing but thought I'd mention.

My Walgreens Shopping Trip

1 bottle of apple juice
2 Gorton"s fish fillet
2 Ricola cough drops
2 Quattro disposable razors
4 packs of gum
2 boxes of Celestial tea
2 Walgreens sodas

wags IVC + man. coupons on razors and tea
store ad coupons + man coupon on the Ricola & gum

Used $8 RR
& $2 from my gift card
oop= $0.00
saved $45.00s

My RR expired so I had to use it. Bought things that we needed plus some great deals!
I was hoping for the 5/20 coupon :(

My Bad!

Update: I was fully refunded......Now I can sleep:)
Please please please learn from my mistakes. I ordered a free sample
online. There was a $3.95 shipping charge that was added to my
credit card. Well today I was shocked to see they billed me $159.00s!
OMG!!!!!! I still had the stuff in the box. When I looked at the
bottom of the box there was a paper that said along with my free
sample a 3month supply was included. How dumb am I ....I
thought the whole box was a sample...aghhhh! I read about this
sample on one of the trusted blogs I like to read. I just wanted to
stress please always check things out for yourself. Always read the
terms and conditions. Read the fine print and then read it again.
Be weary of giving your credit card information. I always am but
I read about this in a couple places and thought it was ok. It was
easy for them to charge me since they had my info. It was a mess
trying to clear this up! I had trouble getting through. I had to
send the product back at my expense:( AND........They wanted
to charge me $55.00 restocking fee, OUCH!!!!!!!
They said they would waive the fee after I told them I was writing
the BBB. We'll see how this turns out. So far this "free sample" has
cost me the initial 3.95 plus 7.95 return shipping. $12 for something
I didn't even use. The free sample was definitely not a $100.00 value
they claim!! Hope they keep they're word about the full refund.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Need razors?

2 Disposable schick quattro razors

1 Bic Soleil razor & 1 refill

Dawn dish soap

Look what a reader in Ohio got at Walgreens for .71! Way to go!!!!!!!

She saved 31.84 with coupons and paid only 2.80 after tax.

Thanks for sharing.

hmmm...I think I may head out to Walgreens :)

Friday, October 31, 2008

Walmart, IGA & CVS Shopping


8 boxes granola bars

1 can Chunky chili

1 box Cheerios

4 soyjoy bars

1 package crackers

used $14 ECB, 5/30 CVS coupon & coupon for free box of Cheerios

paid $6 oop earned $9 ECBS


5 Starkist tuna creations

2 boxes Uncle Bens rice

Bag of rice

Box mac&cheese

2 loaves of bread

4 boxes pop tarts

1 Bertolli ovenbake dinners

1 Steamfresh

2 Progresso soups

$34....paid $19.35 after coupons


Cheese bread

1 20 oz pop

1 2 liter pop

$3.95...no coupons:(

So spent about $30.00 today for all this and I have $9.00

to spend next time at CVS.

I get alot of ideas from reading the Centsiblesawyer .

I also like to read becentsable. They have a section called

the grocery gathering. This has links to many money saving blogs.

This will help you with different scenerios to use that will save you alot!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bath & Body Coupons


I was told by an associate that the more purchases you make
the more coupons you will get. She let me make 2 separate
purchases to utilize the coupons I had. I gave her my email
address twice. We'll see?
I did get some more coupons in the mail just recently.

Happy Halloween


Take a look what I found at Goodwill!

$2.........Can you believe it?

There is a ton of Barbie things plus the Barbie Bag!

My daughter loves it. I kind of wish she wasn't with me I could have put this away for Christmas. I've been buying her Barbie things for Christmas but this blows everything away. Aghhhh but I couldn't pass it up.

What's in the Mail?

5 magazines
Vocalpoint sent me a razor and tuna coupons.
This surprised me a $8 check from buzzback surveys:)
Bath&body coupons
Not pictured :
$25 giftcard used my nationalcity points for
$10 check from a kraft rebate I sent in for.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Shopping at CVS, Sparkle Market, Wags and Giant Eagle

Giant Eagle:
6 Progresso soups $4.50

Sparkle: $28.00
1 package meatloaf meat , package pork chops, 4 packages ground beef, 1 pack western ribs, 5 bags of lettuce, Lipton soup

3 benefiber
$2+tax oop and earned an $8 rr
Used 3 $2 coupons and $5 wags coupon for each

3 12 pks pop
had 3 $1 off coupons from MYCOKEREWARDS.COM
3/$10 -$3 coupons
Used $7ECB earned $2

TOTAL: about $35.00 and have an $8 wags RR and $2 CVS Ecb.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Birthday Party

Just an update about the birthday party. I guess there were a few
frugal things I did for the party.

I bought her gift at Target using a gift card I got for MY birthday ( I don't mind).
I signed the kids up for Toys R Us birthday club. Alexa got 2 three
dollar off gift cards. I don't know how we got 2???? I'm not complaining ;)
Saved $6 there.
Went to Walgreen's and got 4 two liters of pop 4/$5 get $2 RR.
Paid with Walgreen's gift card. Only $3 on card now....GASP!

$18 Toys R Us Barbie clothes and sports barbie
$ 0.00 Target Hanna Montana barbie
$ 0.00 Walgreens
$ 24.00 Giant Eagle Cake
$ 40.00 Pizza Pan
6 Family size pizzas (96 slices)
$ 5.00 Aldis Cream cheese, chips, lettuce
$ 3.00 Dollar store Paper plates, cups and napkins
$ 90.00

Happy 5 year old......Priceless!

Happy Birthday Lexy

5 years old already!

I was not too frugal on the birthday party. I could have made a cake
and made sloppy joes instead of ordering pizza. We did make a little
extra money on ebay so I guess we did ok. Also I have tons of pizza
left that I froze and will use for dinner during the week......maybe
not this week , we will be sick of pizza by tonight I'm sure:)

Do you have any frugal birthday ideas? I'd love to hear what others
are doing. Please leave a comment.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Restaurant.com is offering 80% off with the coupon code EIGHTY. What this means?
You are able to purchase a $25.00 gift certificate for only $2s. 1 day only, Wednesday!

Read all terms. Some require that you spend a certain amount or go on certain days.

Giant Eagle

Uncrustables grilled cheese, 4 Gogurts, 1 Curves granola bars, 2 Chexmix granola bars

$10.00 after coupons

Uncrustables free from Bzzagent!


Swiffer Duster starter kit
Swiffer Sweeper starter kit
-7.99 used PG coupon b1g1
-3.00 Ecb = 4.99 ( on gift card) earned $5 Ecb

Panera and Bath&Body Works

I used a coupon I got in the mail to claim this travel size pillow mist at
Bath&Body. I also got the perfect gift guide that includes 3 more coupons.
One coupon is for a fee item with purchase of $10 (limit $13 item free).
You might want to stop in.
I also had a coupon for a free kids meal at Panera. My kids both got one from my work picnic. This is my son's lunch tomorrow. He is real excited!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Canon Houseparty

Houseparty.com rocks!!!! Host a party and receive a hostess gift as well as gifts for your guests. You are obligated to have a party and feature your item.I got this AWESOME Canon printer called the Photobucket. The bucket holds all your printer attachments. You can print your pictures by plugging it in and plugging in your memory card.

What's in the mail?

WOW........Lovin it!

When will I have time to read all those magazines?

CVS gift card earned through Mypoints.com......check them out!

Friday, October 10, 2008


3 visine -2.00 wags coup+3mf
3 cans tuna -wags coup
2 bags shredded cheese
1 can olives -wags coup
-3.00 RR
about $24.00 b4 coup $2.40 oop

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Unexpected $

I got a check for $4.37 from Trimspa. I guess they are settling a classaction suit. I had no idea.
So if you purchased Trimspa maybe you will get some money too.
WooHoo ...haha


Glade wisp candle 5.99 earn $3.00 RR
3 Bumblebee tuna 2.40
Hanna Montana costume 13.39
2 bags shredded cheese 3.00
24.80 ...............16.96 after coupons
paid on Walgreens gift card

2 cream cheese blocks 3.00
paid on gift card
Note: Cashier would not let me use a $2 RR I had because item was dairy. Aghhhh!
4 fabreze air infusions raincheck
2 reach toothbrushes raincheck
2 bags cheese
1 Glade wisp coupon
3 cans tuna coupon
25.31............. 4.00 after coupons earn $3 RR
paid on gift card
Thats $53.00 for $24.00 on my Walgreens gift card. Plus $6.00 for next time!


3 dressings
2 cans tuna (not pictured)
2 bags tortilla chips
Parmesan cheese

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

1/2 off book paid me again !

I just took a bunch of magazines to 1/2 off book store. They will make you an offer on your books/magazines. I took in a bunch of magazines that I got free and was done reading. I made $5.00. That's a lot when you know how to stretch it out.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

What's in the mail?

FYI: Be careful if you order the sleep kit!!!! Read my post

This is what was in the mail last week:

Kashi cookie
Carhartt hat
Airborne sample
Darmonex sleep kit...pd 3.50 (about)
Canon photobucket.......free for hosting a Canon house party!!!!

It was a great mail week =)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Have you signed up for PSSST..... yet? I honestly don't remember where I read about Pssst... but I signed up for it not too long ago. I have since received two separate packets of coupons. The first pack I received was for pillsbury pizza crust. I received a coupon for a free can of pizza crust along with coupons to share with my friends! The second packet I've received is for Sweet rolls. I received a coupon for a free can of sweet rolls and 10 coupons to share..
The Pssst. program sends you samples or coupons for products to try in return for your honest opinion on the product. You will have to complete a survey for them. I am new to this program. I'm not sure if this is normal to receive 2 product samples in 1 month. From what I gathered they ocassionally send samples. I may have just been lucky to receive 2. Anyways I really think its a great site to join. Check them out for yourself:)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Super Saturday

Here is what I got for $37.00!

Here is what I did:

Giant Eagle
1st transaction

5 keebler cookies 5/$10
Dixie napkins
pillsbury pizza crust
-.50 napkins dbled.
-1.00 cookies
try me free coupon for crust -2.25
oop. $9.05 received 2/$5.oo OYNO catalinas...........was only supposed to get $5.00 back???:)

2nd transaction

5 boxes nature valley granola bars 3/$7.00
- 4/.50 = -$2.00
- $5.00 catalina from above
oop. $2.67 received $3.50 OYNO catalina

3rd transaction

12 cans campbells select soup
- 3 / 1.00 = -$ 3.00
- $3.50 and $5.00 catalina from above
oop. $3.50 Total: $15.22

1st transaction
l'oreal lipgloss
1 12 pk. pepsi
-2/10 cvs coupon
-2 l'oreal
oop. $ 7.29 earned $3.00 ecb

2nd transaction
1 Dasni water
addidas deod.
pixy stick
southbeach bars
-1.00 addidas
-1.00 southbeach bars
-3.00 ecb from above
oop. $3.66 earned $4 and $ 1 ECB

3rd transaction
12 pks pepsi
2 gold emblem snack nuts
-1.00 cvs coupon for nuts
-6.00 ECB from above
oop. $2.25 earned $ 3.00 for next week Total: $13.20

2 pks romaine lettuce
2 bags of bacon bits
bag of carrots
bag of chips
oop. 9.00 Total: $9.00

Friday, September 26, 2008


$5.00 off $ $20.00 coupon !

Friday and Sat. 9/26 & 9/27.
Print your coupon at Walgreens.com

*Remember your total must be $20.00 after coupons and before tax
for the $5.00s off to apply.

Bakery Thrift Store

Whats your opinion on the bakery thrift store? I'm not 100% sold yet.
I have gotten bread that molded quickly! GROSS! This however has not stopped me from going. I make it a habit of looking at the expiration date now. I won't make a special trip but if its on the way I'll stop.

Here is what I got for $10.17:

2 Eight packs hamburger buns

2 giant loaves white bread

2 loaves of multigrain bread

2 packages of english muffins

1 package blueberry fig newtons

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Giant Eagle

5.00 off ends 9/24
catlina still prints $4 oyno through 9/28
Not as sweet but makes the powerade less than 1.00 each after initial transaction.

These are the deals I scored at GE. I believe they are still good through 9/28.

1st transaction:

6 powerade Zero and 4 regular Powerades

10.00 for 10

- 5.00 instant savings when you buy 10
-1.00 coupon
= 4.00 for 10 Powerades

You will get another 1.00 coupon and a catalina for 4.oo off your next order!

2nd transaction:

Repeat as many time as you'd like. Remember 6 must be the Zero powerades to set off the catalina.

So your next transaction will run you about .38 !!!!!! WOW:)

I did this several times at the self check out. I have about 80 powerades. Woo Hoo

Monday, September 22, 2008

In The Mail

I love freebies. I tend to sign up for them whenever I can. Some I get some I never get?????
Walmart samples are my favorite and are the surest bet.
You should visit their website and sign up too. I also love freebies4mom.com.

I will keep you posted with what I've been getting in the mail. I will try to do this weekly.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday dad.

My dad is 67 today.

Love you dad!


Hello, this is my first post.
Welcome everyone!!!!!
I'm working hard to get my webpage up.
Hopefully soon:)