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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Super Saturday

Here is what I got for $37.00!

Here is what I did:

Giant Eagle
1st transaction

5 keebler cookies 5/$10
Dixie napkins
pillsbury pizza crust
-.50 napkins dbled.
-1.00 cookies
try me free coupon for crust -2.25
oop. $9.05 received 2/$5.oo OYNO catalinas...........was only supposed to get $5.00 back???:)

2nd transaction

5 boxes nature valley granola bars 3/$7.00
- 4/.50 = -$2.00
- $5.00 catalina from above
oop. $2.67 received $3.50 OYNO catalina

3rd transaction

12 cans campbells select soup
- 3 / 1.00 = -$ 3.00
- $3.50 and $5.00 catalina from above
oop. $3.50 Total: $15.22

1st transaction
l'oreal lipgloss
1 12 pk. pepsi
-2/10 cvs coupon
-2 l'oreal
oop. $ 7.29 earned $3.00 ecb

2nd transaction
1 Dasni water
addidas deod.
pixy stick
southbeach bars
-1.00 addidas
-1.00 southbeach bars
-3.00 ecb from above
oop. $3.66 earned $4 and $ 1 ECB

3rd transaction
12 pks pepsi
2 gold emblem snack nuts
-1.00 cvs coupon for nuts
-6.00 ECB from above
oop. $2.25 earned $ 3.00 for next week Total: $13.20

2 pks romaine lettuce
2 bags of bacon bits
bag of carrots
bag of chips
oop. 9.00 Total: $9.00

Friday, September 26, 2008


$5.00 off $ $20.00 coupon !

Friday and Sat. 9/26 & 9/27.
Print your coupon at Walgreens.com

*Remember your total must be $20.00 after coupons and before tax
for the $5.00s off to apply.

Bakery Thrift Store

Whats your opinion on the bakery thrift store? I'm not 100% sold yet.
I have gotten bread that molded quickly! GROSS! This however has not stopped me from going. I make it a habit of looking at the expiration date now. I won't make a special trip but if its on the way I'll stop.

Here is what I got for $10.17:

2 Eight packs hamburger buns

2 giant loaves white bread

2 loaves of multigrain bread

2 packages of english muffins

1 package blueberry fig newtons

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Giant Eagle

5.00 off ends 9/24
catlina still prints $4 oyno through 9/28
Not as sweet but makes the powerade less than 1.00 each after initial transaction.

These are the deals I scored at GE. I believe they are still good through 9/28.

1st transaction:

6 powerade Zero and 4 regular Powerades

10.00 for 10

- 5.00 instant savings when you buy 10
-1.00 coupon
= 4.00 for 10 Powerades

You will get another 1.00 coupon and a catalina for 4.oo off your next order!

2nd transaction:

Repeat as many time as you'd like. Remember 6 must be the Zero powerades to set off the catalina.

So your next transaction will run you about .38 !!!!!! WOW:)

I did this several times at the self check out. I have about 80 powerades. Woo Hoo

Monday, September 22, 2008

In The Mail

I love freebies. I tend to sign up for them whenever I can. Some I get some I never get?????
Walmart samples are my favorite and are the surest bet.
You should visit their website and sign up too. I also love freebies4mom.com.

I will keep you posted with what I've been getting in the mail. I will try to do this weekly.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday dad.

My dad is 67 today.

Love you dad!


Hello, this is my first post.
Welcome everyone!!!!!
I'm working hard to get my webpage up.
Hopefully soon:)