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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Giant Eagle

5.00 off ends 9/24
catlina still prints $4 oyno through 9/28
Not as sweet but makes the powerade less than 1.00 each after initial transaction.

These are the deals I scored at GE. I believe they are still good through 9/28.

1st transaction:

6 powerade Zero and 4 regular Powerades

10.00 for 10

- 5.00 instant savings when you buy 10
-1.00 coupon
= 4.00 for 10 Powerades

You will get another 1.00 coupon and a catalina for 4.oo off your next order!

2nd transaction:

Repeat as many time as you'd like. Remember 6 must be the Zero powerades to set off the catalina.

So your next transaction will run you about .38 !!!!!! WOW:)

I did this several times at the self check out. I have about 80 powerades. Woo Hoo

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