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Friday, October 31, 2008

Walmart, IGA & CVS Shopping


8 boxes granola bars

1 can Chunky chili

1 box Cheerios

4 soyjoy bars

1 package crackers

used $14 ECB, 5/30 CVS coupon & coupon for free box of Cheerios

paid $6 oop earned $9 ECBS


5 Starkist tuna creations

2 boxes Uncle Bens rice

Bag of rice

Box mac&cheese

2 loaves of bread

4 boxes pop tarts

1 Bertolli ovenbake dinners

1 Steamfresh

2 Progresso soups

$34....paid $19.35 after coupons


Cheese bread

1 20 oz pop

1 2 liter pop

$3.95...no coupons:(

So spent about $30.00 today for all this and I have $9.00

to spend next time at CVS.

I get alot of ideas from reading the Centsiblesawyer .

I also like to read becentsable. They have a section called

the grocery gathering. This has links to many money saving blogs.

This will help you with different scenerios to use that will save you alot!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bath & Body Coupons


I was told by an associate that the more purchases you make
the more coupons you will get. She let me make 2 separate
purchases to utilize the coupons I had. I gave her my email
address twice. We'll see?
I did get some more coupons in the mail just recently.

Happy Halloween


Take a look what I found at Goodwill!

$2.........Can you believe it?

There is a ton of Barbie things plus the Barbie Bag!

My daughter loves it. I kind of wish she wasn't with me I could have put this away for Christmas. I've been buying her Barbie things for Christmas but this blows everything away. Aghhhh but I couldn't pass it up.

What's in the Mail?

5 magazines
Vocalpoint sent me a razor and tuna coupons.
This surprised me a $8 check from buzzback surveys:)
Bath&body coupons
Not pictured :
$25 giftcard used my nationalcity points for
$10 check from a kraft rebate I sent in for.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Shopping at CVS, Sparkle Market, Wags and Giant Eagle

Giant Eagle:
6 Progresso soups $4.50

Sparkle: $28.00
1 package meatloaf meat , package pork chops, 4 packages ground beef, 1 pack western ribs, 5 bags of lettuce, Lipton soup

3 benefiber
$2+tax oop and earned an $8 rr
Used 3 $2 coupons and $5 wags coupon for each

3 12 pks pop
had 3 $1 off coupons from MYCOKEREWARDS.COM
3/$10 -$3 coupons
Used $7ECB earned $2

TOTAL: about $35.00 and have an $8 wags RR and $2 CVS Ecb.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Birthday Party

Just an update about the birthday party. I guess there were a few
frugal things I did for the party.

I bought her gift at Target using a gift card I got for MY birthday ( I don't mind).
I signed the kids up for Toys R Us birthday club. Alexa got 2 three
dollar off gift cards. I don't know how we got 2???? I'm not complaining ;)
Saved $6 there.
Went to Walgreen's and got 4 two liters of pop 4/$5 get $2 RR.
Paid with Walgreen's gift card. Only $3 on card now....GASP!

$18 Toys R Us Barbie clothes and sports barbie
$ 0.00 Target Hanna Montana barbie
$ 0.00 Walgreens
$ 24.00 Giant Eagle Cake
$ 40.00 Pizza Pan
6 Family size pizzas (96 slices)
$ 5.00 Aldis Cream cheese, chips, lettuce
$ 3.00 Dollar store Paper plates, cups and napkins
$ 90.00

Happy 5 year old......Priceless!

Happy Birthday Lexy

5 years old already!

I was not too frugal on the birthday party. I could have made a cake
and made sloppy joes instead of ordering pizza. We did make a little
extra money on ebay so I guess we did ok. Also I have tons of pizza
left that I froze and will use for dinner during the week......maybe
not this week , we will be sick of pizza by tonight I'm sure:)

Do you have any frugal birthday ideas? I'd love to hear what others
are doing. Please leave a comment.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Restaurant.com is offering 80% off with the coupon code EIGHTY. What this means?
You are able to purchase a $25.00 gift certificate for only $2s. 1 day only, Wednesday!

Read all terms. Some require that you spend a certain amount or go on certain days.

Giant Eagle

Uncrustables grilled cheese, 4 Gogurts, 1 Curves granola bars, 2 Chexmix granola bars

$10.00 after coupons

Uncrustables free from Bzzagent!


Swiffer Duster starter kit
Swiffer Sweeper starter kit
-7.99 used PG coupon b1g1
-3.00 Ecb = 4.99 ( on gift card) earned $5 Ecb

Panera and Bath&Body Works

I used a coupon I got in the mail to claim this travel size pillow mist at
Bath&Body. I also got the perfect gift guide that includes 3 more coupons.
One coupon is for a fee item with purchase of $10 (limit $13 item free).
You might want to stop in.
I also had a coupon for a free kids meal at Panera. My kids both got one from my work picnic. This is my son's lunch tomorrow. He is real excited!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Canon Houseparty

Houseparty.com rocks!!!! Host a party and receive a hostess gift as well as gifts for your guests. You are obligated to have a party and feature your item.I got this AWESOME Canon printer called the Photobucket. The bucket holds all your printer attachments. You can print your pictures by plugging it in and plugging in your memory card.

What's in the mail?

WOW........Lovin it!

When will I have time to read all those magazines?

CVS gift card earned through Mypoints.com......check them out!

Friday, October 10, 2008


3 visine -2.00 wags coup+3mf
3 cans tuna -wags coup
2 bags shredded cheese
1 can olives -wags coup
-3.00 RR
about $24.00 b4 coup $2.40 oop

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Unexpected $

I got a check for $4.37 from Trimspa. I guess they are settling a classaction suit. I had no idea.
So if you purchased Trimspa maybe you will get some money too.
WooHoo ...haha


Glade wisp candle 5.99 earn $3.00 RR
3 Bumblebee tuna 2.40
Hanna Montana costume 13.39
2 bags shredded cheese 3.00
24.80 ...............16.96 after coupons
paid on Walgreens gift card

2 cream cheese blocks 3.00
paid on gift card
Note: Cashier would not let me use a $2 RR I had because item was dairy. Aghhhh!
4 fabreze air infusions raincheck
2 reach toothbrushes raincheck
2 bags cheese
1 Glade wisp coupon
3 cans tuna coupon
25.31............. 4.00 after coupons earn $3 RR
paid on gift card
Thats $53.00 for $24.00 on my Walgreens gift card. Plus $6.00 for next time!


3 dressings
2 cans tuna (not pictured)
2 bags tortilla chips
Parmesan cheese

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

1/2 off book paid me again !

I just took a bunch of magazines to 1/2 off book store. They will make you an offer on your books/magazines. I took in a bunch of magazines that I got free and was done reading. I made $5.00. That's a lot when you know how to stretch it out.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

What's in the mail?

FYI: Be careful if you order the sleep kit!!!! Read my post

This is what was in the mail last week:

Kashi cookie
Carhartt hat
Airborne sample
Darmonex sleep kit...pd 3.50 (about)
Canon photobucket.......free for hosting a Canon house party!!!!

It was a great mail week =)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Have you signed up for PSSST..... yet? I honestly don't remember where I read about Pssst... but I signed up for it not too long ago. I have since received two separate packets of coupons. The first pack I received was for pillsbury pizza crust. I received a coupon for a free can of pizza crust along with coupons to share with my friends! The second packet I've received is for Sweet rolls. I received a coupon for a free can of sweet rolls and 10 coupons to share..
The Pssst. program sends you samples or coupons for products to try in return for your honest opinion on the product. You will have to complete a survey for them. I am new to this program. I'm not sure if this is normal to receive 2 product samples in 1 month. From what I gathered they ocassionally send samples. I may have just been lucky to receive 2. Anyways I really think its a great site to join. Check them out for yourself:)