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Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Have you signed up for PSSST..... yet? I honestly don't remember where I read about Pssst... but I signed up for it not too long ago. I have since received two separate packets of coupons. The first pack I received was for pillsbury pizza crust. I received a coupon for a free can of pizza crust along with coupons to share with my friends! The second packet I've received is for Sweet rolls. I received a coupon for a free can of sweet rolls and 10 coupons to share..
The Pssst. program sends you samples or coupons for products to try in return for your honest opinion on the product. You will have to complete a survey for them. I am new to this program. I'm not sure if this is normal to receive 2 product samples in 1 month. From what I gathered they ocassionally send samples. I may have just been lucky to receive 2. Anyways I really think its a great site to join. Check them out for yourself:)

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