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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Budget update

This is just an update on my budget for this week.
I wrote about how tight my budget will be and how
we will be short this month. I planned on using some
ebay money to put towards this but my husband
spent it on me for Valentines day (How can I be
mad about that ?) This does leave me back to
square one though.

Here are some things that I hope will come
this month:

Ebates........................ $18.00 Got $18.54
Olay rebate............... $20.00 Gift card
Circuit City rebate.....$20.00 Will I ever see this one?

We have a couple things on ebay but who knows if and
for exactly how much this will bring.
I managed to get milk , snacks and bread at CVS for
tax only.
I cut our weekly spending from $100 to $70.

Hope I can figure out more ways!

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