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Thursday, February 26, 2009


Restaurant.com just sent me an e-mail that one of the
restaurants I have a certificate for has changed their
restrictions. I have a certificate that says $35 minimum
purchase and they now changed it to a $50 minimum!
That's a big difference! Also they are adding a 18% gratuity
to this before discounts. They will not honor this on Fri and Sat
any longer. Wow do they want to keep our business ? Isn't
it customary for the restaurant to at least make an exception
and honor those already purchased? This is crazy! I didn't know
Restaurant.com allows these changes after the fact. This is just
an FYI in case you didn't know this also.

I like restaurant.com . I think it does save money. I admire that they
do send e-mails. They did give me the option to trade that certificate
for another and I will. I do think however that they should not allow
changes after being purchased.

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