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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Saturday Steals

Kraft must love us to give us so many awesome coupons this week!
I used all mine up pretty quick. Here is this weeks groceries:
Walmart #1:
4 Kraft dressings
4 Kraft BQ sauce
1 no nonsense pantyhose
2 loaves bread
4 poptarts
2 Benefiber
1 A1 sauce
1 bag string cheese
1 lint brush
$37 before coupons
$13.28 after
Walmart #2:
10 packs hotdogs
1 Caprisun
1 jug Hawaiin punch
3 bags string cheese1 kraft dressing
1 kraft Bq sauce (big bottle)
3 pop tarts
2 Crunch Munch
1 A1
2 crystal light mixes
2 sierra mist 2litre
3 Cottonelle tp
2 hotdog buns
$50.62 B4 coupons..................$31.52 after
3 boxes Fruit loops
$3 after coupons....................oop 0.00 used ECB
4 diet Dr. Pepper 2 Litre
$5 .............................oop 0.00 used RR and gift card
Giant Eagle:
Everything went perfectly today!
2 Mayo
6 knorr sides
8 Ragu
2 Skippy
2 salad dressing
1 tea
2 mentos
1 dial soap
6 lbs ground beef
2 Hefty storage bags
2 dozen eggs
1 HUGE tub LOL butter
$30.75 after coupons....................saved $43.73!
Received: $12 CAT and a $2 CAT
So spent all together : $75.55 received : $14 in Cat.
In addition: Will send in 2 Upc codes from the stringcheese
for a High School Musical poster.
Will send in movie pass points from the poptarts
for a free movie (need 1 more).
ALSO: I plan on sending my Walmart and Giant Eagle recipes
in for up to $50s back . Remember the online offers
I did? Well when I called to cancel they extended my trial and
sent me "coupons" to send in for $50 in groceries and $50 in gas $.
Will I get this?????? I'm not sure? It's worth a try. If I do then all
the groceries were free plus a $2MM.
If not then I spent money on stuff I needed anyways :)
I can't lie though I hope I get the $50 LOL.
UPDATE: I won't get the $50 :( I just noticed the coupons
are dated for the future..ie: 6/17/09 and 10/2010 !!!!
I should have caught that earlier! Oh well like I said I
will use everything I got and with the $14 I have left will
get bread and produce for next week.


Mommy Saves ALOT!!! said...

Wow, all that stuff for that price?! You should teach a class..lol!

Claudia's Irish Eyes said...

Amazing !! You did such a great job.
Claudia at Claudia’s Irish Eyes

kathie said...

Thanks! Everything went as planned too :) Thats rare...lol