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Friday, June 19, 2009

Beuhler's is celebrating 80 yrs!

What deals there are at Beuhler's!
1 watermelon
4 cantaloupe
1 bunch of tomatoes
2 yellow squash
bag of grapes
5 apples
1 pineapple
romaine lettuce
3 bags pepperoni
2 3lb leg quarters
5 packs boneless chicken breast
7 3lb packs of ground beef
2 2liter pop
2 hotdog buns
2 packs of hotdogs
3 boxes of spaghetti
8 lb bag of potatoes
$71 only used 1 coupon for the pasta

They had great sales on produce today (Friday only).
Beef was $1.60 lb....the cheapest I've seen around here.

I live 30-40 minutes away from Beuhlers but I made a day of it
around that side of town. I thought the savings was worth it and
I wanted to stock up on beef. I wish I bought more!

Since I had never been there before I looked up the store's website.
They have a service where you could order online and pick up at a time
you choose! The best part is the fee is waived on your first purchase of
over $50. The store was super crowded because of the sale! I was really
happy to just pull up and get my groceries.

****** Just a note********
I actually ordered 3 packs of split chicken .
When I got there my bill was about $15 more.
I questioned it and we figured out that they gave me
the wrong chicken. Instead of getting me the split chicken
they just gave me the boneless skinless chicken breast
and took $15 off my order:) Wow ...plus I originally
ordered only 3 packs and now have 5!!!!!!!!!!
I prefer boneless skinless breast so I am very happy :)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Giant Eagle $2 off your purchase


Get $2 off any food purchase of $2 or more for viewing the GE weekly circular online. The $2 off coupon is added to your Giant Eagle card and comes off at the register.

This took minutes to do! Go here to find out how:)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Friday deals

Giant Eagle:
2 Swiss tea
2/$4 after coupons + tax : $1.13

2 Kashi meals
3 Kelloggs cereal
2 Kelloggs crackers
4 Smart waters
about $25.00 after coupons + tax: $9.50
oop.....$0.00 used gift card from trial offers

2 reams paper
1 24 pk water
$13.97 after rewards card: $2.07
Will get $8 rebate back on the paper

3 tank tops
$15 after coupon of $10 off: $5
$8 oop for all this!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Trial offer update

Just got a $25 target gift card from Nichole's

so the totals are.............
$25 Target card
$10 Papa John's
25 free downloads
$10 Target card
$20 blockbuster card
$20 target
$20 Lowes
$30 Staples

$130 + 25 downloads !!!

Look at all the gift cards I have gotten!
I got them signing up for varies trial offers.
I paid $1-$1.95 per trial offer. I have 30 days
to cancel. Super easy!
Not pictured 2 $10 blockbuster giftcards

Go here to learn how. The offers listed are the ones I
have done.

Oh sorry ......the subway and Cvs card were from my bank
rewards card.

In the mail

Add about 7 magazines to this :)

Here are my favorites so far this week:
Coupon for a free pack of hotdogs
$12 Staples reward
$25 target gift card
update: $10 off $10 coupon from JcPenneys!