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Friday, February 26, 2010

Hot Deal On Tombstone Pizza!


Giant Eagle has an awesome deal on Tombstone pizza. This is what
I did. I went to the self check out. I scanned 6 pizzas. Paid about
$15 and got 3 $4 catalinas, a redbox code and $1.50/3 pizza coupon.
I went back and bought 6 more pizzas. I Used the $1.50/3 coupon
and the $12 in catalinas from the first order. Paid only $1.50
for 6 ! So 12 pizzas for $16.50 and I have $12 left to spend !!!

****Its reported that if you use the self check out that the $1.50/3
coupon spits out after you scan the 3rd pizza. You then use that
coupon on that order. This did not happen to me though (figures).
Also on my second purchase I didn't get the $1.50/3 for some reason.

I'm going to a different GE tomorrow and hopefully everything will
go smoothly. Regardless 6 pizzas for $3 ($15 - $12 catalina) is
AWESOME in my book. Now where to put them all :)

Bought 6 more for $1.50!!! Everything went perfect and I still
have $12 oyno .......I love the garlic crust pizza yum :)

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