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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Friday Garage Sale Finds

Spent less then $10 !

  1 Harley Davidson jean jacket  $5
   2 Ambercrombie men's shirts  $2
                                      4 bingo blotters                                   .75
                                      1 package of scissors                     $1
                                      1 microwave egg cooker              $1

I had a lot of fun at the garage sales with my daughter today.
She picked up a few things and wanted me take a picture .
She fell asleep and has everything all over the place so I
couldn't take the picture ! She was real proud of her finds
so I wanted to at least mention what she got..........
For $4.50
1 Hello kitty puzzle
1 necklace with 4 charms (kids)
1 photo holder
1 book
1 book bag
1 box of cards (pokemon, playing and baseball !)

She was really excited about the pokemon cards!
The whole box was $2 so I think she did well :)


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