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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Target Quick Shopping Trip

This literally was a 15 min. shopping trip at Target !
Its nice to have a game plan and be able to get in and out.

1 dish soap
            1 disinfectant wipes
              1 all purpose cleaner
      2 Fiddle Faddle
 2 Aquafresh
                 2 Pantene conditioners
   1 Ragu sauce
                         1 Lysol handsoap dispenser
              1 child"s head (haha)
             $9.xx after coupons

          The big expense here was the lysol dispenser. I have been wanting
           this. It was $3 after a Target Q and man Q , saving me about $7 !
    I was also over charged .40 for the sauce.  I won't be going  
  back for that . You have to watch your receipt this happens
often at my Target .


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