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Friday, June 18, 2010

Be on the Lookout for Survey Peelies!

Look what I found!
2 $15 survey peelies.

$1.50 Bulls-Eye Bbq sauce
$1.50 Kraft Sandwich Shop Mayo

I will get $30 for the surveys.
That's a $17 profit! Woohoo!!!

I found both these at Walmart. I originally was looking
for the Kraft 100 cheese snacks that have a $20 survey
attached. I didn't have any coupons with but be sure to
bring yours for a bigger profit.

If you see more than one grab it for your family or friends.

Also when filling out the survey make sure you have tried
the item. I said I had not tried it and I was locked out of the
survey for a day. Not sure if there is a quota so you want
to complete it ASAP!

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