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Friday, June 25, 2010

Stocking Up on the Smell Goods


5 Olay body washes
4 (3) pks Ivory soap
2 Pantene conditioners
11 Powerbars
2 Colgate toothpastes
$8 oop after coupons and Ecbs

received $14 Ecbs


6 Aussie Scrunch spray
2 Renu
2 Gillette body washes
bag popcorn (not in pic)
candy (some missing from pic)
 about $11 after coupons

received $21 RR


2 bbq sauce
1 uncle Bens (Free coupon)
$1 + tax after coupons

All the above for $20 oop but wait.......
I have $35 Ecbs and RRs that I earned.
Thats a profit folks !!!!!!!!

Walgreens was profitable. If you have the
$2 Renu coupon you can make $2 on each
transaction! There is also a $2 Aussie coupon.
Making these a $1 money maker.

Just for fun:

This is what $20 without coupons would have bought !


Super Coupon Lady said...

Don't you LOVE getting paid to shop! Thanks for stopping by and linking up!

Sweetea Savings said...

Love it! I actually have soooo much smell goods, that I am giving some away to friends, but I got them all for free! :)

kathie said...

Thank you! I love stocking up especially when it makes me money:)