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Saturday, July 31, 2010

My Budget Friendly Vacation and How you can do Better Part II

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Go here to read:  Part I


I had a box that I started putting food items in to take
with us. I put things like tuna, mac-n-cheese, noodles,
Cereal . I also brought my rice cooker and rice.

I went on restaurant.com and found a couple restaurants
in the area...paid only $2.80! One was for The House of
Blues. We highly recommend this....Yum!

I cashed in some points from Mypoints for a $10 Subway
giftcard. I brought a couple giftcards as well that we
received as gifts. I went on their websites to see if I could
find any coupons and also checked their menus. Its good
to have a plan before going. Remember order water when
possible. This is a huge savings as drinks can cost well over
$2 ...yikes! That's a $8 savings for us.

The biggest money saver was planning a few meals at home.
The place we stayed at (Barefoot Yacht Club) had a kitchen
loaded with pans, dishes, etc. I had a couple Kroger gift
cards I was saving so we went and grabbed some groceries.
I also used the Kraft coupons I received in the mail for free

We saved money unexpectedly too ! My mother in law
surprised us with a couple 12 packs of pop, beer, chips,
poptarts!! Wasn't that nice ? My mom also packed fruit
and sandwiches for the ride.

How you can do better :

I think we did pretty well on our food budget.

You could purchase an entertainment book for
the location you are traveling to. They are
usually cheaper this time of year since they
are close to expiring in November.

Bring your coupons with you on your trip .
You never know what you may find you need.
I brought mac-n-cheese but had to go buy
butter to make it. I had to pay full price for

Load up on drinks ! It was so hot and we went
through alot of water. On the way home we
stopped frequently for drinks. It would be a
good idea to bring refillable bottles.

Coming soon Part III......entertainment and shopping

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