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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Not a Walmart Fan!

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My Walmart never has the great roll back prices everyone else has.
I always get disappointed when I go there! Anyways, I keep having
faith and each time I'm disappointed again.

I went to get Ziploc bags, cheese and razors. I couldn't find the bikini
shavers that would have been free so I bought a couple 4 pks for .97
each after my $2 coupon. Why did I want the Ziploc bags? They were
about $1.25 after my coupon. This was not that great a deal . I left those.

The cheese ! The cheese ! The cheese  ! I knew the $5/5 would be
a problem. I hate my Walmart !!!! Coupon haters! Ughhhhh. I had
to do 2 seperate tranactions because the cashier told me I couldnt
use 2 coupons. Ok...whatever. She said the coupon says I can only
use one coupon and thats why it beeped. Ok. Then she looked at
my razor coupon and said I  needed a seperate transaction for that
too. Again she said that the coupon said I could only use one.
I looked at the coupon and I told her it says 1 coupon per inteneded
item. So I could use 2 because I was buying 2. Nope no go. How
dumb is that ? She said something about fraud and internet coupons

soooo.......2 transactions later !

10 bags of shredded cheese
  2 4/pk Noxema razors
  2 Tropicana Lemonades

I paid $14 . The cheese was on sale for $2 a bag. I got them for $1
each after my coupon. I have two more $5/5 coupons but I know
if I go back to Walmart there will be more drama !


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