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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Giant Eagle's New Coupon Policy

Thanks, hotcouponworld.com


*The coupon has a valid expiration date and has not expired
*One coupone per item(s) purchased as stated on the coupon with the maximum of 12 coupons per same 12 items purchased in a 24 hour period per Giant Eagle Advantage Card Customer.
*Coupon value cannot exceed the price of the item(s) purchased. If it does, we can only redeem up to the value of the item(s) purchased. (Excludes Sales Tax)
*The original coupon must be presented. Photocopies will not be accepted.
*Product(s) must be purchased in size and quantity specified on the coupon.
*Stacking (combining electronic and paper coupons) of manufactures' coupons is prohibited.
*Items must be purchased at the time of redemption.
*Bottle caps are accepted for redemption as a store coupon with stated coupon guidelines.
*If you forget to use your coupons at the time of purchase, we will accept them with your Giant Eagle Advantage Card up to 10 days beyond the date on the receipt.


*Coupons must be obtained from our Website or approved third-party Web sites. (approved third-party Websites are listed at GiantEagle.com/faq/eoffers)
*eOffers must be clipped and loaded onto your GEAC prior to redemption.
*Not subject to doubling.


*The coupon must be obtained from a legitimate site.
*A maximum of two LIKE coupons will be accepted.
*Giant Eagle DOES NOT accept the following Printed Internet Coupons:
"FREE with no purchase necessary" and "Buy One Get One Free"
*We reserve the right to refuse any coupons that we believe to be photocopied, counterfeit or invalid for any other reason.
*Any coupon with the value over $3.00 will not be accepted except where advertised by Giant Eagle for a specific promotion.


*Only coupons that say "redeemable at Giant Eagle" will be accepted.
*Not subject to doubling.


*Must have a Giant Eagle, GetGo, or Market District logo on the coupons.
*Not subject to doubling.

Double Coupons up to 99¢. Giant Eagle® may choose to offer Double Coupons with a face value of 99¢ or less where applicable when the following guidelines are met:

*Manufacturers’ coupons are doubled only with your Giant Eagle Advantage Card®
*Redeem any manufacturer’s coupon with a valid expiration date, worth up to and including the stated maximum amount clipped from newspapers, magazines or received by mail and we’ll double the savings. This offer applies only to manufacturer product “cents-off” coupons for items and sizes we carry.
*This offer applies only to manufacturer product "cents-off" coupons for items and sizes we carry.
*The doubled amount cannot exceed the value of the item purchased.
*Coupons with a face value over 99¢ will be redeemed at face value only.
*Cigarettes, tobacco and milk or any other items prohibited by law or the manufacturer are excluded.
*Not valid on free coupons, eOffer™ coupons, checkout coupons or Giant Eagle® coupons.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Giveaway Winners Notified

Congratulations to the winners of my 2 giveaways.
The winners have been notified and have responded
back. Thanks to all that entered and stay tuned for
more giveaways in the future !

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

$40 Sam's Club Gift Card Giveaway

Whether you start your day with a yogurt or enjoy it as an afternoon snack, Sam’s Club can help you stock up on your family’s favorite Yoplait® yogurts at great, everyday low prices. With their extended yogurt selections, featuring new Yoplait Light® with Granola and Trix yogurt, finding the flavors, and prices, you love just became even easier.

The delicious Yoplait Light yogurt that you know and love is now paired with 100% natural granola and real fruit, perfect for a convenient breakfast or snack.
While kids love the great taste, you’ll love the wholesome goodness of Trix yogurt, which has two colors in every cup and fruity “kids-only” flavors like Raspberry Rainbow and Strawberry Banana Bash.
With savings made simple at Sam’s Club, fill your refrigerator, and uncover your Yoplait moment by sharing when you like to take time to enjoy your favorite Yoplait flavor.

The Sam’s Club gift card, information, and giveaway have been provided by Sam’s Club and Yoplait through MyBlogSpark."

For an extra entry, blog about this giveaway and leave a comment
with your blog link.

Winner will be contacted by e-mail and have 24 hrs
to respond. A new winner will be selected if the
winner does not respond by deadline.
Winner will be drawn Sunday September 18th.

This giveaway is open to US residents who are 18 yrs of age or older.
E-mail addresses are collected solely to contact winner. The winner
is selected randomly. Prizes are sent directly through Myblogspark.

The Kroger Family of stores giftcard, information and giveaway are
provided by Kroger Family of Stores and General Mills through
MyBlogSpark . They also provided me with a gift card.
My opinions are my own .


Betty Crocker Prize Pack Giveaway

This fall, warm your family’s hearts and home with a fresh-from-the-oven treat that won’t have you spending hours in the kitchen. New Milk Chocolate Traditional Brownie mix from Betty Crocker® can help you simplify your brownie baking regimen and get a head start on homemade.

* With just the right touch of milk chocolate flavor, your family will love the traditional homemade brownie taste that can be ready in three easy steps.

* Look for Betty Crocker Milk Chocolate Traditional Brownie mix in the baking aisle of grocery stores this fall.

*Choose a 13x 9, 9x 9 or 8 x 8-inch pan for thick, thicker or the thickest brownies! Note cook time depends upon the pan size you choose.

The product, information and prize pack have been provided by Betty Crocker through MyBlogSpark

Winner will receive :

One Betty Crocker Milk Chocolate Traditional Brownie mix prize pack which includes a Betty Crocker apron, cookie sheet, and mixing spoon.

For an extra entry, blog about this giveaway and leave a comment
with your blog link.

Winner will be contacted by e-mail and have 24 hrs
to respond. A new winner will be selected if the
winner does not respond by deadline.
Winner will be drawn Sunday September 18th.

This giveaway is open to US residents who are 18 yrs of age or older.
E-mail addresses are collected solely to contact winner. The winner
is selected randomly. Prizes are sent directly through Myblogspark.

y of stores giftcard, information and giveaway are
provided by Kroger Family of Stores and General Mills through
MyBlogSpark . They also provided me with a gift card.
My opinions are my own .


Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wonderful Trip to Lake Michigan !

We went to South Haven Michigan for vacation.
Lake Michigan is so beautiful . The water can be
very cold but it was nice when we went (late August).


I used Priceline for the first this trip. I did alot
of research on prices and places but to be honest
it was overwhelming! I bid too low at first trying
$50 and then , being tired of looking, I increased
my bid to $70.  I ended up with 4 night for just
under $300 (after taxes).


Breakfast -

free at the hotel :)

Lunch  -

Deli fresh sandwiches , lunchables &
chips , fruit ..typical lunch box items

Dinner -

Hotel had a fridge & microwave.           
We ate in at least 2 nights having
Brats, pizza rolls , eggrolls (me)

We ate at Applebees on kids eat free night .
We had pizza at a local parlor , yum!

Entertainment :

                This is were we splurged !

                 1 1/2 hour cruise  http://saugatuckboatcruises.com/
                 Dune ride  http://www.saugatuckduneride.com/
                 Duck ride  http://www.harborducks.com/

                 Free or almost free (parking)

                  Hotel pool and hot tub

Gas and Turnpike Fees :

(not sure because my tank was full b4 we left)

about $12 there ..took scenic route back home

In the end I spent a rough total of about $800.
I traveled alone with my kids (hubby has a new job)
We extended the trip and visited my bother in
Canton, MI. He just had a baby so I really enjoyed
this part of the trip!
Our trip was 6 days long (not a full week , my
son had school orientation so we had to leave
on Monday morning).

I splurged on entertainment and it was worth it.
The duck ride starts as a land tour and then a water 
tour. It brings up its wheels and then floats. How
cool is that ?? The Dune ride was a blast. It was like
rollercoaster without a track......Awesome !
The boat ride was just absolutely gorgeous

This trip was all about the kids . I did whatever they 
wanted. Honestly they would have been happy in the 
Hotel pool though , lol.          

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Interesting Walmart Tidbit

walmart logo Pictures, Images and Photos

I was looking on the Walmart website and noticed the shower
curtain I just bought was $4 cheaper online. I called Walmart
to see what to do and they said they do not price match their
online store ....ok ?  She said that Walmart prices are always
cheaper online. She also told me it is better to buy online and
have it shipped to the store (free shipping to store). Hum??

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Last minute shopping

Giant Eagle :
10 breakfast on the go
2 Carolina rice
2 Axe deodorants
2 Axe body sprays
3 packs taco seasoning

2 Rimmel mascara

3 Fructis shampoo

2 Colgate TP
2 skinny cow
1 Keri lotion

2 Velvetta Helpers
3 Gilette gift sets
1 Hormel bacon
3 Nozema razors
4 notebooks
4 bags pancakes


$46.00 oop for all the above
  $3 ECB
$5 RR

**Like paying $38 ! **

Saved my shopping for Sat. This trip wore me out ! Lots of running around .
In the end I got 46 items for "$38" (after rewards). That's less then $1 an item !

Pancake coupon still available here . $3.28 at Walmart.
$2,28 after coupon (24 in bag)

Nice Find at Walmart !

I had (2) $4 off coupons for the Fusion Proglide razor. I went to Walmart and was disappointed because the razor was priced at $9.99. I didn't think it was much off a bargain to pay $6. Then I remember reading that some of the sets were clearanced priced.  I took the gift set to the scanner to price check. I was surprised that it was $6 because it was clearly not marked on sale ! So be on the look out for these. It's a nice value at $2. It includes body wash , deodorant, Proglide razor, and cooling lotion.

Not sure if this a local deal but you may want to price check this set. The coupon was from the
August P&G and expires 8/31.

The coupon fairy left a $4 coupon . That is how I ended up getting 3 sets !

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Kroger Cart Buster Savings Event and Giveaway ends 8/8 !

Have you heard? The Cart Buster Savings Event is back at the Kroger Co. Family of Stores, beginning July 31st with storewide savings in almost every department! During the savings event, summer deals are just getting started. Browse the aisles and load up your cart with everyday items from brands you already love.

From July 31st through August 17th save on tons of brands across
more than 100 categories from General Mills, PepsiCo, Unilever,
Heinz, Mars, Wrigley and Kimberly Clark.

Look for some of your favorite participating products like, Honey
Nut Cheerios, Yoplait , Pillsbury Pepsi, Doritos, Gatorade,
Smart Ones, Ore-Ida, Cottonelle, Viva, Breyer´s Ice Cream, Axe ,
Snickers, Pedigree and Orbit.

Look for big savings storewide at the Kroger Family of Stores,
which includes Kroger, Ralphs, King Scoopers, City Market,
Dillons, Smith´s, Fry´s, QFC, Baker´s, Owen´s, Jay C Food
Stores, Hilander, Gerbes, Food4Less, Fred Meyer, Pay Less
Supermarkets and Scott´s food & Pharmacy.

Don´t let the savings stop there! Make sure to follow the
Cartbuster "Deal of the Day" beginning August 3rd and running
through August 16th.* Download exclusive offers, on more of
your favorite brands, directly to your shopper card, by
visiting www.cartbuster.com, beginning Wednesday, August 3rd.

www.cartbuster.com is your link to all of the details,
savings and the special "Deal of the Day" offers for the Cart Buster
Savings Event, exclusively at the Kroger Co. Family of Stores. The
Cart Buster Savings event beginning July 31st. "Deal of the Day" offers
begin August 3rd.

*Please be sure to check your local Kroger Co. Family of Stores for
  participating dates and deals. The Deal of the Day promotion is
  not valid at: Fred Meyer or Food 4 Less.

Cart Buster Savings Event
Also find us on:

***Disclosure: The Kroger gift card, information, and giveaway have been provided
      by Kroger and General Mills through MyBlogSpark. ***


  • One $25 Kroger gift card (Good at any of the Kroger. Co Family of Stores)

  • To Enter:

    Winner will be contacted by e-mail and have 24 hrs
    to respond. A new winner will be selected if the
    winner does not respond by deadline.
    Winner will be drawn 8/8/2011.

    This giveaway is open to US residents who are 18 yrs of age or older.
    E-mail addresses are collected solely to contact winner. The winner
     is selected randomly.  Prizes are sent directly through Myblogspark.

    Sunday, July 17, 2011

    Target Deals

    20 photos
    1 pillow 
    2 (2pk) sharpies
    2 packs papermate pens
    2 scotch tape
    1 putty (impulse purchase)
    1 Oscar Myer hotdog
    1 lunchable (free coupon from Kraft)
    4 Wonka bars  

    $6.57 !!! 

    I paid $1.77 for the first Wonka bar and got a coupon
    for a free bar after each additional purchase. I not sure
    how long this will keep rolling .

    * FYI: The Wonka bar melted instantly in the car ! *

    Friday, July 1, 2011

    Road Trip with Free Goodies

    Snacks for our road trip to West Virginia !


    2 diet Dr.Pepper
    1 bag pretzels
    2 bags Chexmix
    $1.78 after $6 Ups+


    3 Pringle to go cans
    5 Honest tea
    2 Sprite
    Free after Ecbs

    Not totally free but close ! 

    Saturday, June 25, 2011

    Stocking up on Bacon


    Buterball turkey bacon on sale through the 25th.
    for $1.

    used .65 coupon from a recent insert = 35 !

    10/ $3.50



    used $2 up+ = .69

    **Don't forget you can price match at Walmart if your
    Save-Alot is out of bacon ! **

    read about my latest Walmart find here


    Wednesday, June 22, 2011

    Walmart Shoppers

    This is a list I found while shopping at Walmart today.
    I know its hard to read. Here is what it says:

    gun cases (ok scary!)
    Athletic shorts
    fat pants for Sarah (haha)
    Pampers sz. 1
    mac n cheese
    cream cheese

    Maybe Sarah plans on eating alot of mac n cheese, lol   ;)
    I just thought this was so funny, had to share !!!

    Look here for more funny Walmart shoppers:
    People of Walmart


    Velveeta House Party

    Look what I got in my hostess kit !

    What I got :

    4 boxes Velveeta cheesy skillets
    dry erase magnets with pens
    $5 Walmart card
    15 bags

    Read about House Party here or visit House Party .


    Friday, June 17, 2011

    My Daughter's Frugal Swimming Pool

    LOL !!!!!

    Garage Friday !

    My daughter wanted to take this picture....I think she did great :)

    2 new pitchers
    1 new sundress
    5 shirts
    1 book bag
    1 garden flag
    2 glass light replacements thingys (? name..lol)
    silly bands
    2 necklaces
    2 charm bracelets

    I'm back !

    Thanks for being patient !  I had to buy a new computer monitor
    and couldn't (and still can't) upload my pictures. I figured a different
    way to do it though.

    Saturday, May 14, 2011

    Don't you Want One ?

    Isn't this purse so cute?
    Can you guess what its made of?

    Duct tape !  

    These are made by a local group of girls . The girls started
    making and selling crafts in effort to raise money to help
    local animal shelters .

    See how you can get your own "one of a kind" purse or how
    you can help in their efforts.

    Tuesday, May 10, 2011

    I Won 4 Gift Baskets at a Fundraiser !!!!

    A local animal shelter was having a fundraiser this weekend.
    I was so surprised to win 4 baskets  !!!! I never win anything. 
    Hope my luck is changing :) Now this definitely was not thrifty.
    I spent about $80 ! It was for a good cause and super fun. The
    food was yummy plus it was a date night for me and the hubby.

    My favorite items:
    Tiffany & Co. water carafe
    3 rooster crocks
    $10 Home Goods gift card
    $25 haircut and style

    Monday, May 2, 2011

    Thursday, April 7, 2011

    I Finally Feel Like Shopping Again !

    I've been in a slump ! I am REALLY sick of this weather and
    am desperate for some sunshine ! I hit my first garage sale
    today. They are slowly appearing around town. Hopefully I
    will get into the groove again :)


    6 chair cushions (12.99 each)
    fruit snacks
    instant potatoes
    romaine lettuce
    2 cans biscuits
    2 cans corn
    bacon bits
    $ 99.00 .....WOW !


    2 cans corn
    2 cans diced tomatoes
    1 can pineapple chunks
    2 loofahs
    1 box granola bars (3 pk)
    3 2ltr Dr.Pepper
    5 Aussie hairspray
    6 Herbal Essence poo
    3 Dawn dish soap
    $ 21.00 after p&g coupons and facebook coupon

    paid with giftcard and ECBs
    Received $10 ecb for next time !


    2 bags rabbit food
    $3 after giftcard

    Garage Sale

    army shirt
    Halloween costume

    I had a fun shopping day. I hit 2 garage sales !
    I did spend alot at Aldi's but I really needed
    new outdoor chair cushions! I think I got them
    at a great price. I am excited to show my husband.

    Wednesday, March 16, 2011

    More Fun at Giant Eagle

    (4) 12 pks not pictured
    Giant Eagle:
    1st trip
    28 Smart One weight watchers
    not pictured
    $48.00 after coupons
    received (5) $5 catalinas 
    earned .75 of per gallon of gas

    Giant Eagle:
    2nd trip
    28 Smart Ones ww
    1 creamer
    11 Vitamin waters
    (4) 12 pks Coke
    2 Airheads
    4 boxes cereal
    $33.xx  after coup. + cat from above
    received (5) $5 catalinas
    earned .75 of per gallon of gas

    Spent $83 total
    Have $20 in Catalinas to spend
    earned $1.50 of per gallon of gas
    Thats about $45 worth of gas !

    I am seriously out of freezer space!

    Friday, March 11, 2011

    Typical Northeast Ohio Winter

    NE Ohio is no stranger to snow in March !

    from my back window today .

    Pretty but enough is enough !


    Giant Eagle is Helping me Fill my Tank

    With the crazy gas prices as they are I love that GE wants to help me pay
    for it ! Giant Eagle is offering .15 off per gallon when buying $20.00
    worth of "select" items. In this picture I earned  .30 !  

    **This was last week's ad  . There is a similar offer this week .
        The "select" items have changed though ***

    Total spent was $62.57.   I earned .50 off per gallon of gas in this shopping
    trip.  I earned .30 from the deal above and .20 for spending over $50 
    ( this trip plus reaching $50 from my previous trip) .

    What I got :


    4 Kraft singles
    1 4 pk of YoCrunch
    2 boxes Snuggle dryer sheets
    2 Airheads
    3 Phil. cooking cremes
    1 box of pierogies
    2 boxes of Super pretzels
    3 boxes Green Giant veggies
    2 bags Tyson grilled chicken
    1 bag Tyson spicy chicken
    2 Lenders bagels
    4 3lb bags chicken tenders
    3 Market Basket chicken breast
    $62.57 after coupons
      saved $50.86

    Not to bad considering all the chicken I got !
    Plus I have .50 off per gallon of gas up to
    30 gallons ! That's $15 (hope my math is right)!

    Walmart is not so Bad After all

    Yes, this cost me a whooping .05 at Walmart !!!!

                                                             Used coupons from recent inserts

    2 boxes Gain dryer sheets (these smells awesome)
    5 boxes popcorn shrimp
    1 Mentos
    1 2 liter diet Dr. Pepper
    2 travel size Purex 3 in 1 
    .05 after coupons !!!!!


    If you haven't heard,
    Walmart has a new coupon policy out. You will now receive the
    full value of your coupon . What this means to you is that
    you will get to spend the overage on other items or actually
    get money back ( I think) .

    That being said here is what happened when I had overage:

    I had a $3 off coupon for the Purex. The travel size was .97.
    The cashier had to push the coupon through . I was in fear
    that I would be scolded for trying to use the coupon on a
    travel size. Lucky for me she didn't look or maybe care :)
    Others have reported using this coupon successfully but YMMV!
    Also , I had an overage of $1.28. The register alerted the
    cashier to call the manager. This made me really nervous.
    Yes, I was chicken to test the new coupon policy. I was in
    no mood to have to battle this out if need be. Soooo , I
    grabbed some Mentos and avoided the dreaded manager.
    I know I know ....I'm a chicken ..lol !

    Curves Customer Appreciation Gift

    This is what I received this week at Curves ......
     Not sure if this is a local deal.

    I like being appreciated !!!


    Wednesday, February 23, 2011

    New Bzz Campaign

    I was really lucky to get a BZZZ campaign for Thomas Bagel Thins .
    I wanted to try these but hadn't had a chance. I am glad I finally
    tried them. They are really good ! You can use your imagination
    and put any combination on them . I liked cream cheese and
    strawberry jelly on mine . Yum !

    They are only 110 calories
    They come in :
    100% whole wheat
    Cinnamon and raisin

    I tried the cinnamon raisin bagel thin.
    Read more about the bagel thins here and find some recipes as well .