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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Birthday Party

Just an update about the birthday party. I guess there were a few
frugal things I did for the party.

I bought her gift at Target using a gift card I got for MY birthday ( I don't mind).
I signed the kids up for Toys R Us birthday club. Alexa got 2 three
dollar off gift cards. I don't know how we got 2???? I'm not complaining ;)
Saved $6 there.
Went to Walgreen's and got 4 two liters of pop 4/$5 get $2 RR.
Paid with Walgreen's gift card. Only $3 on card now....GASP!

$18 Toys R Us Barbie clothes and sports barbie
$ 0.00 Target Hanna Montana barbie
$ 0.00 Walgreens
$ 24.00 Giant Eagle Cake
$ 40.00 Pizza Pan
6 Family size pizzas (96 slices)
$ 5.00 Aldis Cream cheese, chips, lettuce
$ 3.00 Dollar store Paper plates, cups and napkins
$ 90.00

Happy 5 year old......Priceless!

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