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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Disclaimer/Disclosure Policy

Savincravin @blogspot. com is my personal blog
written and edited by me.


I do not claim to be an expert in any topic. I write
this blog to help share topics that I feel helpful.
The opinions I post are purely my own.

I do provide links to other websites. This blog has no
control over the content in these links. Please use
your best judgement when entering any information
on any other website. All information submitted to
other websites is done at your own risk.


I do run ads that I may be compensated for.
Again, all information submitted is at your own
risk. Entering is solely done at your free will.

I may except free samples to review and if I'm
lucky compensated for. The views and opinions
on this blog are purely my own. I do not claim to
be an expert ! I will always give my honest opinion
(put as nicely as I possible).
*I will disclose what items are "free" and for review.

I am currently selling Avon. I have a link to my
personal store on my blog (labeled my Avon store).
Ordering is done at your own free will. Because this
is a blog about saving money, I do on occasion point
out deals that I find from Avon. I will get some
compensation from orders. You may also order
through avon.com if you'd prefer.

I've tried to provide as much detail and discription as
I can for my blog disclosure/disclaimer. As you can see
I am not a writer in legalities. In general all the actions
you take on my blog are at your own free will and risk.
This is just a personal fun blog that is a hobby and love
of mine. I hope to write with good taste and have a good

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