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Friday, November 7, 2008

My Bad!

Update: I was fully refunded......Now I can sleep:)
Please please please learn from my mistakes. I ordered a free sample
online. There was a $3.95 shipping charge that was added to my
credit card. Well today I was shocked to see they billed me $159.00s!
OMG!!!!!! I still had the stuff in the box. When I looked at the
bottom of the box there was a paper that said along with my free
sample a 3month supply was included. How dumb am I ....I
thought the whole box was a sample...aghhhh! I read about this
sample on one of the trusted blogs I like to read. I just wanted to
stress please always check things out for yourself. Always read the
terms and conditions. Read the fine print and then read it again.
Be weary of giving your credit card information. I always am but
I read about this in a couple places and thought it was ok. It was
easy for them to charge me since they had my info. It was a mess
trying to clear this up! I had trouble getting through. I had to
send the product back at my expense:( AND........They wanted
to charge me $55.00 restocking fee, OUCH!!!!!!!
They said they would waive the fee after I told them I was writing
the BBB. We'll see how this turns out. So far this "free sample" has
cost me the initial 3.95 plus 7.95 return shipping. $12 for something
I didn't even use. The free sample was definitely not a $100.00 value
they claim!! Hope they keep they're word about the full refund.

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