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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Off Budget

Today I feel like I've overdone things a little bit:( I've spent quite
a bit more than I usually like. There seems to be a lot of good deals
out there and I don't want to miss out on anything. I know I sound
like a kid.
I think I should have stayed away fromWalgreens last week since I
had already gone early in the week. That $5/20 just really draws me
in. I spent 18 oop. I dont like that. I did get 1 rebate item so I'll get
$6.99 back. I also got a couple gifts, TP and lunchmeat.....so I guess
its more like I spent $11.
I also had a high OOP at CVS. I really wanted to do the battery deal.
It did cost me $19 . I used $9 ecbs and $10 oop, Yikes!!!! I hate to
spend that much oop:( I did get $15 ecbs back. I know this is good
but I'll have to spend at least $15 at CVS next time. I'll have to be
creative so that I can keep rolling my Ecbs without losing to many
of them.
Well I feel better that I've confessed.....( I did spend lots more but I'll
spare the details). Next week I think I'll skip shopping.

Oh who am I kidding its Black Friday next week! AGHHHHH

I'm out of control!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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