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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Back to Walgreens


Pedegg, 1 pedegg replacement blade, 1 laundry detergent

-$5 RR

pd: $8.03

This didn't work out the way I planned!

The detergent rang up 1.99 today so my total was

under $25 so no RR:(


2 digital photo keychains (50%off), laundry detergent and deodorant

-1.50 Wags coupon, -1 ( both for the deodorant)

$18.47 oop earned $5RR


3 12pks coke, sure deodorant, dog treats and a comb, razor

-3 coke coupons, -1.50 wags coup (deodorant), free dog treats coup.,

-2 comb, -3 wags coupon (razor) and $5 RR

$8.xx oop earned a $2RR and a $5RR


Stetson aftershave and 4 pencils

-$5 RR

$1 oop

All this for about $35.00 and I have a $2RR left.

Its more oop then I like but I figured I saved about $65:)

I got alot of gifts and things we needed so I guess I did ok.

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