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Friday, February 13, 2009

Tight Budget

I am on a very tight budget for the next few weeks.
It will be challenging for me to not only stay in our
budget but to try to come up with about $ 300 more.
Our Columbia gas bill has really set me back! Ouch !
My electric bill was about $50 higher than normal,
I Paid some medical expenses that I wasn't expecting,
I have 2 birthday parties this week, Valentines day
and I forgot that the Allied Waste bill was coming this
month. AGHHHHHH!!!!!!!

My plan is to cut down my grocery budget for a few weeks.
Maybe avoiding the store all together. I may need to get
creative in getting the perishable items we use each week.
I will most likely get what I can at CVS since I have ECBs
to use up. I am planning on using what I have on hand for
dinners and lunches. I have a whole turkey in the freezer.
This may be a good time to make it since I can use it to
make a couple meals.

I have a little money from some ebay sales. I will use that.
Is that going to bring me to $300? ..............I wish :(
I am guessing I'll have to come up with about $150 more.
I'll let you know how I come up with it. I could withdraw it
from my savings but I'm trying not to. We'll see.

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