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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Great Walgreens trip

I could have done better if I would have bought the Blink by itself

and used the RR to pay for the soap. I would have had less oop.


Blink, Sambucol, 8 dove soaps, 2 Starbucks chocolates

used : $2 off Blink, (2) $1 off Starbucks, $10 off Sambucol (WG coupon)

$21 oop and received $18RR for next transaction.


bought thing I needed

eggs, milk, 2 pops, bread, plate

used $8 RR

I hate the Walgreens I went to! There is a cashier that makes

cringe every time I see her. She scrutinizes every coupon.

She said I couldn't use the Sambucol manufacturers coupon

($4 off) I would had overage of $3 so I didn't argue. She told me that

the Dove was a limit of 3. I said I am aware of that. She also is the

only one I know that will not take a RR for milk items.

I still have a $10 RR to spend

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