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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Restaurant.com is making me MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I purchased several certificates from restaurant.com. As I mentioned
they sent me a message about changing restriction on one of my
certificates. I was very unhappy because the terms now were that
I had to spend $50 instead of $25. I was offered a replacement if I
wasn't happy with the changes. Today I took my certificate with me to
Quaker Steak and they would not except it!! They said that
Restaurant.com fraudulently sold them. UGHHHHHHH.
That sucks especially since we were expecting to only spend about
$15. Quaker Steak didn't win my business either . They just said sorry
but its not our fault. They should have offered a discount or
something for our inconvenience. We left. We felt that we didn't want
to spend our money there. We went to Applebees instead. Good thing
we found out before we ordered. You would think with the economy
the way it is that Quaker Steak would have done something to keep
us there. That is poor customer service. As for restaurant.com????
I will let you know. Now I have to waste my time calling them.
I have several other certificates....will those be honored?
Most of them are out of town too.

Is this happening to any one else?

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