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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tons of Kellogg's coupons!

There are an abundance of Kellogg's coupons
today! Make sure to get them before they are
gone. These will come in handy at Target this week.
Go here to get yours.

I look really thirsty!

Giant Eagle:
1 reynolds recycle wrap
45 bottles of Powerade and 10 bottles of cherry Dr. Pepper!
I had really good coupons. I just love .75 coupons that double
at Giant Eagle:) 2 English muffins
3 Paas
3 Motts
2 taco dinners
2 freezer bags
1lb salami
1 lb cheese
Paid about $10.00 after coupons !
made 3 transactions
3 axe deodorants
$7 ? after $8RR
Had to turn in my receipt for the Ham/Unilever rebate
Received: 1 free movie admission
100 cal snack bags
4 chex mix
1 box crystal light drink mix
2 easy mac
1 Sunny D
3 bags shredded cheese
2 Glade candles
6 packs hotdogs
1Cascade rinse agent
$2.oo after coupons and giftcards!
Received: $5 giftcard for candles

All this for under $20.00 !!!!!!!!!!!!
+ will receive rebate for reynolds wrap :)

Online offers

Look at all the gift cards I have gotten!
I got them signing up for varies online offers.
I paid $1-$1.95 per trial offer. I have 30 days
to cancel. Super easy!
Not pictured 2 $10 blockbuster giftcards

Go here to learn how. The offers listed are the ones I
have done.

Oh sorry ......the subway and Cvs card were from my bank
rewards card.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Dots $10 Survey

Confession: I am not thrifty at all times.
Sometimes I am out of control:(

I had an Indians game to go to and I didn't
have anything casual to wear. I decided to go
to Dots (weren't they $10 and under once?).
Anyways everything looked so cute. They had me
at hello, LOL.
Anyways......I bought 2 shorts, a shirt, sunglasses
and lip gloss (like I need more lip gloss!). I spent $54!
Well today I have remorse. Its like I binged on clothes
and now I want to "get rid of it". The good thing is I can.

Here's my plan: Return a pair of shorts get $16 back.
New total spent: $38

Here's the good part......when I got my receipt there was an offer:
$10 for your thoughts. I did a survey and got a $10
off ANY purchase coupon. A bonus $10!

$38 for a pair of shorts, shirt, sunglasses , lip gloss
and $10 more to spend. Sorry,had to write this out again.
I'm still trying to convince myself that this isn't soo bad.

I'll let you know what I get with the $10 coupon.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Kmart Doubles


I was really turned off from Kmart last time I went to their
store during the double coupon event. Everything was picked
over or out of stock. Some things I think were marked up!
Well I was in the neighborhood today and decided to go. I didn't
have all my coupons but this is what I got with the coupons I had.

1 Capri Sun
2 poptarts
1 french bread pizza
1 deli creations
1 rotisserie chicken
1 bag Quakes
Sunny D 2 litre
3 boxes Post cereal
2 Wishbone dressings

I paid $13.97 after coupons. I saved $14.25
I also got a $2 oyno coupon!
The chicken alone was $5 + $2 for the frenchbread pizza.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Grocery shopping at Target and Giant Eagle


2 V8 Fusion + 4 easy mac


$ 3.31 after coupons

Giant Eagle:

3 Capri Sun juice box 10pk.

2 kashi pizza

2 kashi waffles

6 Smart taste pasta

1 1/2 lbs ham

1 lb cheese


$19.50 after coupons

received $3gc for Smart Taste and a $2 RR for the Kashi

Walgreen's Earthday Promotion


Get a coupon here for a free tote at Walgreens.

Today you can get a free tote with any purchase at Walgreens.
The coupon is also good for 15% off your purchase and 20% any
Walgreens brand purchase.

While supplies last! Hurry:)

Heres what I got at Walgreens today:

1 Wyler's drink mix (filler)
1 shave gel
1 Glade soy candle
$2.67 after coupons and $3RR

Received a $3 RR
+ a free tote

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Free 25 music downloads and $10 Gift certificate for Papa John's

Go here to learn how. Free trials really pay:)
I did this on Friday and cancelled today.
I got a $10 Papa John's gift certificate from Dada
entertainment + 25 free downloads.
This was super easy! The songs were current too.
I got my $10 certificate right away in an email.


Papa Johns has a promo for today only......
Tax day :
Get a Lg. 3 topping pizza for $10.40

I got my pizza for .40 :)
After using $10 gc and promo........YUM!


Get a free shower caddy from scrubbing bubbles here

Free dog treat sample here , from Walmart

Free Mattel Precious Places Princess dvd here

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter


I know it's early but, before It gets too crazy, I just
wanted to wish everyone a Happy Easter.

Sunday Coupons

Reminder: There will be no coupon inserts in Sunday's
paper because of the Easter holiday.

$5 off at Victoria's Secret


I forgot my eye shadow when I went to visit my brother in Chicago.
I borrowed some from his girlfriend. I really liked it. It was from VS's
sexy collection. I wanted to buy it since I liked it so much. I was
surprised that it was $18. You know me...I wasn't going to pay that.
I received a coupon in the mail for $10 off ANY purchase (wish I had another).
I thought , well $8 is not too bad and I really needed it.
Sooooo I went to VS . A sales associate greeted me and told me a few
things about the sales and something she said grabbed my attention.
Did I hear her right? Try on VS's new bra and get $5 off your purchase!!!!
Oh yeah:) Got my eyeshadow for $3!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Shopping wore me out !

Spent about $22.50 for everthing and have a $2 RR to spend.

1 soy candle
1 Edge shave gel
-7.80 coupons and RR

oop = $2.09
Earned $3 RR

Soft soap
-$3 RR from above

oop= $1.02
Earned free soft soap OYNO

soft soap
-3.99 RR from above

oop= .27

4 mento gum
aluminum foil
1 t-shirt
1 soy candle
oop = $4.63 after coupons
Earned $2 RR

clearanced St Patrick's Day items
-1 ECB (winter spending)

oop = $1.07

Rite Aid

oop = $o ( paid with gift card)

Dollar General
Pam cooking spray
dish soap

oop= $2.33 after coupons

Garage Sale
oop = $5.00

4 fruit snacks
2 Pledge cleaners
2 Johnson shampoo
3 Starkist tuna
2 Post Trail Crunch
$ 28.50
- coupons and $3 gift card

oop = $6.53

Friday, April 3, 2009

Garage Sales

I have been seeing garage sale signs around town.
Today I saw a sign that said "Shopaholic sale".
Of course I had to go check it out:) The sale was
actually inside. You would never believe what was
inside....shelves and shelves of shampoos, conditioners,
cat food, tea, hot sauce (remember these were free) etc.
I recognized a lot of her stuff. She was selling her stockpile
and it looked similar to mine!

I had to talk to her. She does the same thing I do, we do
(CVS,Giant Eagle,Walmart,Walgreens). I have heard of
people selling their stash at garage sales but I've never
been to one. I asked her how she gets all her coupons.
She has stacks and stacks. She said she knows someone
that delivers papers (does that mean he takes them out??).
She sold a lady all her cat food.......Walmart, free after $5 coupon.
People were buying all kinds of things. I even bought something
(I think it may have been a free sample). She even had a list of
phone numbers. People wanted her to call them when she had
her garage sales. She said she's made over $4,000 since she
started her sales (several sales).

Wow!!! I am careful to stockpile things we actually use. I do have
an over abundance of toothpaste though..haha. I guess I never
thought of buying and selling. I don't know though, I don't have a
coupon resource. I guess nowI know who's been clearing the shelves
around here!