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Friday, April 3, 2009

Garage Sales

I have been seeing garage sale signs around town.
Today I saw a sign that said "Shopaholic sale".
Of course I had to go check it out:) The sale was
actually inside. You would never believe what was
inside....shelves and shelves of shampoos, conditioners,
cat food, tea, hot sauce (remember these were free) etc.
I recognized a lot of her stuff. She was selling her stockpile
and it looked similar to mine!

I had to talk to her. She does the same thing I do, we do
(CVS,Giant Eagle,Walmart,Walgreens). I have heard of
people selling their stash at garage sales but I've never
been to one. I asked her how she gets all her coupons.
She has stacks and stacks. She said she knows someone
that delivers papers (does that mean he takes them out??).
She sold a lady all her cat food.......Walmart, free after $5 coupon.
People were buying all kinds of things. I even bought something
(I think it may have been a free sample). She even had a list of
phone numbers. People wanted her to call them when she had
her garage sales. She said she's made over $4,000 since she
started her sales (several sales).

Wow!!! I am careful to stockpile things we actually use. I do have
an over abundance of toothpaste though..haha. I guess I never
thought of buying and selling. I don't know though, I don't have a
coupon resource. I guess nowI know who's been clearing the shelves
around here!

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