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Friday, July 31, 2009

Run to Target !

There are reports that Target is taking off 75% on select toys.
I did make it to 2 stores yesterday. I found basically the same
things at both but some things were cheaper at the one. The stores
I went to were still at 30 and 50% off. I did find a few things:)
I spent $60 and got $175s worth of stuff. I can't show a picture
because they are gifts.

Friday, July 24, 2009


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Why I blew my top at Giant Eagle

I normally am a patient person but some things
are really starting to annoy me.
Every time ,it seems, I go to Giant Eagle I have
an issue with my coupons,catalina,etc. Sometimes
I just want to get in and out but noooooooo!!!
The problem is that I know more about the coupon policy
than the employees .

I went through the self checkout. It beeps because I've
used 3 like coupons. The lady comes over and looks and
reads every line of my coupon....ok not mad yet, Then she
asks where I got the coupon...oh no I feel it.
She is going to give me trouble. ...I tell her
online. She says "I have to call the manager we've been
having trouble with online coupons". ...not mad yet....
I told her I thought you couldn't use online coupons for
a free item or if it's over $3s. She looks at me like I'm
a criminal and says "I still have to call my manager".
UGHHHHH, Now I'm mad! I am really in a hurry and frankly she
is wasting my time. She doesn't know the coupon policy and
I don't feel like standing around while she learns.

Now I'm pissed I have a few more items to ring up and I want
to get out of there. I tell her to forget it just cancel everything.
You could tell I was mad but EVERY TIME I have an issue. I am not
doing anything illegal or criminal. I'm always made to feel that
I am. I just want to save money. Is that a crime?

I had a few coupons for free items and I didn't trust this lady
to ring them up so I went to a cashier in a huff. I asked the
young man what their online coupon policy is and he said " Urr
Uh ...Good Question". WHAT?????? Does anyone know that works
there? Is it weird that I would expect SOMEONE to know?
The young man motions someone over...The Manager....great I just
wanted a simple answer. Anyways she tells me everything I already
know. I told her what happened and how I was made to feel like a
criminal. The manager said she would talk to the employee. I'm
sure she will blow it off. She didn't even look when I was showing
her who I was talking about.

ANYWAYS.......The cashier , young man, says "oh I'm sure she
didn't mean to make you feel that way. We have to call the
manager when we have a question. Maybe she is new?"
WOW !!!!! Words of wisdom from such a young person!
I think I was a little....a lot rude to the other cashier.
I don't feel too proud about my behavior!

The cashier rings me out and I didn't get the total I expected.
It was much lower. My free coupons said "free up to $5 or $4 etc.
The items I got were more than the "upto" amount. I should have
owed a couple dollars. The cashier took off the whole amount!
OH No way!! I've wasted enough time.....I'm not talking to the
manager yet again! Sorry not today!

So on one hand we have the cashier that scrutinizes everything
and the other that doesn't even bother .....The scrutinizer is
hurting my bottom line and the other is hurting Giant Eagle's
bottom line. Not good GE!

....ok feel better now ........

Rebates earned

Just got back a couple of rebates......

$15 Rite Aid rebate
$3 Staples rebate
$3.74 DiGiorno flatbread rebate
$ 21.74

Plus: I won $12 from a scratch off game.
I was given 2 at a party and they both
were winners!


Friday, July 3, 2009

In the mail

Kia book of coupons...for oil changes etc.
Psssst coupons + get one free coupon
DiGiorno free flatbread coupon
Presque Isle Downs coupons
Breakfast bar sample ...Walmart sample
toothpaste sample.......Walmart sample

Not pictured several magazines!
Coupon and rebate for ALexia fries
Bounce dryer bar.....Smells sooooo good!
Coupon for juicey juice

Cheap Date


Had a nice time at the movies yesterday!

2 adult and 2 children............$6
Taco Bell .................................$9

Had $26.00s toward the movie.
I earned $12 from an Axe promotion at Walgreens
and $14 for a promotion at K-mart.

$15.00 for a nice family night!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Sent in a rebate for the DiGiorno flatbread melt I bought yesterday.
Should get $3.50 back.

Requested my $15 rebate from Rite Aid.

My hubby found a beer rebate and sent that in also.

Giant Eagle


Sorry no picture!

2 Swiss tea gallons
4 ballpark grillers
1 hefty freezer bag
4 pk Breyers yogurt
6 boxes jello
2 cool whip
1 box soft pretzels
1 DiGiorno flatbread
1 loaf bread

Paid: $9.xx oop after coupons
-$5 (got $15 credit) for video
Received: $2 oyno catalina
Rebate: $3.50 on the flatbread

Cheap ball park grillers at Giant Eagle!


Hurry 1 more day for cheap grillers !

Use the self scanner for this....
Buy 2 ballpark grillers $4.98

A coupon will print out for $2/2
Use that coupon right away.

Pay $2.98 and get a $2 oyno catalina,
Like getting it for .98 .

Rinse and repeat with less oop because you
have the $2 catalina. So pay .98 oop.