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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Staples Rewards


I just found a pack of 2 printer cartridges at Goodwill.
I paid $3 and will get a $6 from Staples for recycling them.
I like finding them at garage sales too. I paid .25 once:)
I love Staples rewards and recycling program! I just got $30
from the program. You do have to spend it at Staples.

This is what I like buying:
Ink cartridges
bottled water
school supplies
tracfone minutes
gift cards

Also Staples accepts competitors coupons. I have a $10/30 from
OfficeMax. I will use this and my $30 rewards to get $40 worth
of stuff free....woohoo!!!!!

Heres my plan:
1 ink cartridge $22.50
2 pks loose leaf paper $ 4.00
1 protractor $ 2.00
2 cans Lysol wipes $ 8.00
1 10pk of markers $ 3.00
+ filler .50
Total: $ 40.00
-10.00 coupon
$30.00 use $30 rewards
pay $0

This is if all goes perfectly .

Just a note: In the pack of ink I bought at Goodwill was a receipt
from Staples for the 2 cartridges. They were purchased
in 2002 for $57 !!!! Yikes !

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