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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Lots of good deals at Target


Trip #1
6 Special K bars
1 Special K cereal
1 Special K crackers
2 poptarts
4 candy bars
1 Mascara
1 gallon milk
$21.00 Received $10 gift card

Trip #2
5 Edy's ice cream
$0 after coupons and gift card from above.
Received $5 gift card

Giant Eagle:

2 24/pk Pepsi
2 Swiss tea
$1.77 After coupons and $5 0yno coupon

Spent $22.75 and have 7.50 left on my gift card.
Like getting all this for $15 (saved $60)

***** Just a note********
Ughhhh .....I was trying to do the fuel for school rebate.
Buy 10 Kellogg products and get a $10 rebate. If I would have
done this correctly I would have only spent $1 on my Target
purchases after the rebate and gift cards. I thought the rebate
was ANY Kellogg products.The crackers are not a participating item!
After rethinking this I could have bought two more of the bars
and gotten another $5 gift card . In the end I would have had
another $5 gift card and the rebate!!!! Ughhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

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