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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

In The Mail

I got a rebate for $15 from Proctor and Gamble.
I don't remember what I bought?? LOL
I'm always happy to get extra money!

I just had to look this up....The rebate was
for the Olay Quench body lotion I bought .
That was fast!

More Grocery Shopping

I thought it would be fun to see how far I can stretch
the R/R and OYNO coupons I still have left. I will
keep adding on to the original order. I spent another
$3 so that I could earn my fuel perks. We'll pretend
I got that out of the $10 rebate I should be getting for
the Planters nuts.

All this for $61.00
Heres the break down...

Giant Eagle

7 bags of cheese
3 Kraft singles
2 loaves of bread
2 boxes Swiss Miss
5 packs of hot dogs
14 cans of peanuts
9 cans of soup
1 gallon milk
1 quart chocholate milk
2 boxes gogurts
10 cottage doubles
about $42


8 2ltres pop
4 12pks pop

Earned $10.00 oyno coupon for the cottage doubles.
Still have a $10 R/R from Walgreens.
$7 left form Planter nuts rebate.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Stocking up on nuts and more

All this for $61.00
Heres the break down...

Giant Eagle

7 bags of cheese
3 Kraft singles
2 loaves of bread
2 boxes Swiss Miss
5 packs of hot dogs
14 cans of peanuts
9 cans of soup
about $38


8 2ltres pop
4 12pks pop

For a total  of $61.00  but wait :

I received $12 oyno coupon from GE
I received a $10 RR at Walgreens
I sent in for a $10 rebate for the nuts

Like getting this all for $29 !!!
14 cans of nuts!!!!!!!

This is more than I'd like to spend typically but
the pop will last us awhile! The nuts are for my
hubby . He likes to snack on them at work. They
should last ...shhh I hide some of them so he wouldn't
eat them all at once.

JcPenneys Sale

I just got back from JcPenney. They have a great
sale going on! I was able to get some nice clearanced
clothes for 1/2 off the lowest price .
They have a white sale going on too. I snagged some
towels for 50% off.
I'm going to do the survey on the back of my receipt
for a 15% off coupon. I'm going back for more towels
and 15% off :)

Biglots Coupon


20% off your entire Biglots purchase. Starts 1/23- 1-31.


Friday, January 15, 2010

CVS and ECBs

I let my extra care bucks(ECB) expire....ughhhh!!!!
It was only for $3s but I was still mad at myself.
I had heard that some stores will still let you use them.
I thought it wouldn't hurt to ask but I was full of doubt.
I walked in ,with a speech in my head, and told the
cashier that my ecb expired and could I still use it.
She said YES !!!! She didn't even ask how old it was
or give me any kind of argument !!!
I'm really glad I asked because I was able to use the $3
for milk and a 2 ltre. of pop....Nice!!


At the beginning of the new year I always have a
hard time writing the correct date........
ie: I'm still writing 2009.
I just did this on 3 checks yesterday ! Well,
I was talking to a friend and she suggested writing
2010 on all my checks before I use them :)
Great idea!!!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Extra money......or not ! @@

Caregiver's Marketplace.........$4.75
Amazon (sold a book)...........$11.00
McAfee rebate.......................$70 visa
Husband sold firewood..........$60

Flat tire..................................-$108.00
Washer belt broke..................-$20.00
Battery died............................-$85.00

Stuck out in Cleveland on a very bad snowy day!
I put a spare tire on and got a flat in that too.
I had no choice but to purchase the tire at the
closest place I could find and with no coupon

Nice first week of 2010 huh? Ughhh
Easy come easy go :(  So sad, but I am
thankful that we had the extra money!

Great Deal on Avon Eye and Lip makeup!

This a great deal if you need lipstick or mascara!

$7.99/2 for the eyes
$5.99/2 for the lips

To sweeten the deal you can go through Mr. Rebates and
get 7% back on your purchase! Better yet if you are a new
member you can score a $7.50 bonus, making this free or
close to it !

Also here are a couple free shipping codes :
CELEBRATE 2010  w/$5 purchase       exp:  1/11
AVONFS                w/$10 purchase     exp: 1/31

 Not sure if you need to go through an Avon Rep. for the free
shipping but here is my link if you'd like: Avon


Here is a scenerio :
Buy 2 lipsticks on sale                          2/5.99
Buy 5 mini holiday hand creams            2.95
Buy 2 Disney Princess Jewels lipbalm     1.58
Buy 1 heart necklace (must spend $10)  5.99
   after tax and free shipping                 $17.63

Plus 7% back if you went through Mr Rebates!

The eye makeup is 2/7.99 so you can adjust the
scenerio above by removing a couple lotions or
balm. There are lots of other scenerios  :)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

BJ's Gift Card Winner!!!

Congratulations to Nicole !!!!!
You've won !!!!
( The winner will be contacted by e-mail)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

BJ's $25 gift card giveaway

Just a reminder to enter my giveaway here
Remember to leave your name AND e-mail
address to be entered.

Thanks and good luck!!

Friday, January 1, 2010


Groupons, what are they? I have been seeing ads for
them alot lately.

This is my take on them:

They offer a daily deal, usually by city . Cleveland, Chicago
for example. If there are enough people that sign up for
"the deal" then the deal follows through. If there are not
enough people then the deal is dead and you are not
charged. Basically what your buying is at a group rated
discount. Usually 50-90% off !  Deals may include places
like museums, restaurants, sporting events and the like.

Make sense?

I just signed up for e-mails alerts. Go here (my link)
to sign up and see what its all about!

Grab your ConAgra $17 coupon book !

ConAgra Foods

ConAgra Foods has a coupon book with $17 worth of
coupons :)
Request yours...Hurry I'm sure this won't last!!

Copy and paste: http://startsampling.com/sm/101044/captureAddress.iphtml?item=101044&source=

ConAgra foods rebate ...purchase $10 and get $25 in savings
(more coupons?)

Thanks :http://jusfrugalliving.blogspot.com/

Happy New Year


Hoping 2010 brings us all a happy and healthy year!