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Friday, January 8, 2010

Great Deal on Avon Eye and Lip makeup!

This a great deal if you need lipstick or mascara!

$7.99/2 for the eyes
$5.99/2 for the lips

To sweeten the deal you can go through Mr. Rebates and
get 7% back on your purchase! Better yet if you are a new
member you can score a $7.50 bonus, making this free or
close to it !

Also here are a couple free shipping codes :
CELEBRATE 2010  w/$5 purchase       exp:  1/11
AVONFS                w/$10 purchase     exp: 1/31

 Not sure if you need to go through an Avon Rep. for the free
shipping but here is my link if you'd like: Avon


Here is a scenerio :
Buy 2 lipsticks on sale                          2/5.99
Buy 5 mini holiday hand creams            2.95
Buy 2 Disney Princess Jewels lipbalm     1.58
Buy 1 heart necklace (must spend $10)  5.99
   after tax and free shipping                 $17.63

Plus 7% back if you went through Mr Rebates!

The eye makeup is 2/7.99 so you can adjust the
scenerio above by removing a couple lotions or
balm. There are lots of other scenerios  :)

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