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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Grocery Shopping

Giant Eagle :

Deli-Fresh           Free  (Kraft coupon)
Ritz crackerfuls    Free  (Kraft coupon)
poptarts               Free  (rebate)
Greek yogurt       Free  (Pssst coupon)
Homestyle mac    Free  (Kraft coupon)
4 boxes cereal
2 Nestle milks
$6.xx  after coupons

earned .15 gas perks for the
cereal. ..update now have .80 !


Last week??
3 Extra detergents
Celsius 4 pk.
2 pretzel M&Ms
.78 after ECBS and coupons

I had Ecbs that were expiring so I lost
a couple Wcbs on this but made most
of them back from the Celsius and M&Ms.

This week:

kotex - $1 coupon
 = $1 money maker after Ecb