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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Back in the Swing of Things

7 Gold Emblem Lemon Lime soda
(.25 clearance)
8 cans Bumble bee tuna (not in picture)
(.49 clearance)
Hair accessories
($1.00 clearance)
Men's body wash
($1.25 clearance)
2 cards
(.50 each clearance)
About $9

earned $1 ECB for using my green tag.
Paid with a giftcard I earned from a
reward card I have.

Giant Eagle

8 HH
2 Ronzoni pasta
1 bag Carolina rice
1 Farmland dressing
2 Loreal kids shampoo
1 soft pretzel
$2.35 after coupons, a $5 RR and tax

I found a $5 RR in my purse that expired
the day B4 . I was upset that I let it expire.
I thiought I'll go ahead and try using it and
it went through WooHoo !!!

1 bag of Sauerkraut

2 Purex
2 contac cold and flu
2 taffy (fillers) (.40)
2 pencils (fillers 1.00)
2 tubs toothpaste
$ 5.70 after coupons and tax

earned a $6 RR after rolling all
the other RR into 4 transactions.


4 jars Peter Pan
4 Mac-n-cheese
1 bag apples
1 lb lunchmeat
$10.43 (no coupons!)

Giant Eagle
2 Sinex
1 string cheese
$2.14 after tax and coupons

Recieved a $4 catalina

Grand total of : $30.61
Actual oop :     $21.61
 ( Had a gift card for CVS)
Earned :           $4 and $6 ($10)

Like paying less than $12 !!!!


Friday, October 22, 2010

Blockbuster Treat !

I got a coupon for Blockbuster's from Mycokerewards.com.
The coupon included 2 free movie rentals, free tub of popcorn
and 2 20 oz sodas. This would of cost me over $15 ! This really
made for a cozy family night.

New Bzzagent Campaign

My new Bzzagent campaign..... Glade Candles !!!!
I am soooo excited . Look at my Glade bzz kit !
1 Apple Cinnamon scented candle. It smells so good!
Look at the nice Holiday design. I also got a bunch of
coupons to hand out too.  All this neatly wrapped in a
pretty holiday box. Gets me excited about Christmas all
over again (Can you believe its almost here !)


Lack of Posts

Sorry about the lack of posts but I am not feeling too thrifty
these days ! My entire family was in a wedding out of town
a few weeks ago and as you know that can get pretty expensive.
My daughter's birthday was yesterday and I have promised to
 take her to Dave and Buster (not frugal at all).  I also spent
way too much for her gifts. I bought way more than I needed to.

Money is just flying out the door lately ! I just wanted to
be honest and accountable for my spending.
Hopefully I will get back on track.


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What I've Been up to This Week

Thrift Store:
Halloween costume
Fall Decoration

Giant Eagle:
4 Oscar Myer hotdogs
6 HH
6 Kraft singles
$9.98   got a $5 oyno cat.

Garage Sale:
Ambercrombie shirt

2 pairs Halloween socks

Got a coupon for $5 off Halloween items at CVS .
I found the socks for 2.50 each, so FREE !

ShopatHome :
$40 !!!!
Forgot about this . I think this is from purchasing our
accommodations for vacation. SO needed!

Grand total for all just under $15.50
with a $5 oyno catalina . Like paying
$10 for all this !!!!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Free soup at Giant Eagle!


Check your inbox ! Giant Eagle just sent me an e-mail
that I can get a free box of ready to serve soup for free!
Its loaded on my card no coupon needed ...woohoo!
Hate to say it but its definitely soup weather :(
This good this week only until 10/6 . Hope you get
this offer too !


Loving the Deals at Giant Eagle !

Giant Eagle :
Last weeks sales ad.

7 lunchables
10 Fuze

Paid $7.87 and got a $ 5 cat. for the lunchables
I had a $3 oyno for the hamburger and used a $5
cat. from last week.

I had 10 (.75) coupons that doubled to $1.50 . 
The Fuze was $1.79 each so paid $3.00 for 10.
I thought this was good until I read this weeks 
sales add! They are on sale for $1 and if you buy 
10 you get $3 off instantly. Crap that is so much
better then what I paid!

Sooooo....... I took them back. I bought mine on
Wed and returned them the next day. I got $11.xx
back after I rebought them at sale price.

I'm so glad I did this! Look what I got below with
the $11 , $5 cat and $6.64 oop :)

4 Nesquick
20 Fuze
6 Hamburger Helpers
4 Old EL Paso kits
1 Old El Paso seasoning pack
4 boxes soft pretzels

Got a $1 cat for the OEP
Got a $3 cat for the HH

2 things I did wrong:
- I thought I would get a $3 cat. for the
  OEP. I bought 5 OEP items but I think
  the seasoning packet did not count. I only
  got the $1 cat :(
- I added 4 pretzels to my cart and used
   only 2 coupons. Could have saved $2
   if I used them:(

All and all I think I did pretty good !