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Friday, October 1, 2010

Loving the Deals at Giant Eagle !

Giant Eagle :
Last weeks sales ad.

7 lunchables
10 Fuze

Paid $7.87 and got a $ 5 cat. for the lunchables
I had a $3 oyno for the hamburger and used a $5
cat. from last week.

I had 10 (.75) coupons that doubled to $1.50 . 
The Fuze was $1.79 each so paid $3.00 for 10.
I thought this was good until I read this weeks 
sales add! They are on sale for $1 and if you buy 
10 you get $3 off instantly. Crap that is so much
better then what I paid!

Sooooo....... I took them back. I bought mine on
Wed and returned them the next day. I got $11.xx
back after I rebought them at sale price.

I'm so glad I did this! Look what I got below with
the $11 , $5 cat and $6.64 oop :)

4 Nesquick
20 Fuze
6 Hamburger Helpers
4 Old EL Paso kits
1 Old El Paso seasoning pack
4 boxes soft pretzels

Got a $1 cat for the OEP
Got a $3 cat for the HH

2 things I did wrong:
- I thought I would get a $3 cat. for the
  OEP. I bought 5 OEP items but I think
  the seasoning packet did not count. I only
  got the $1 cat :(
- I added 4 pretzels to my cart and used
   only 2 coupons. Could have saved $2
   if I used them:(

All and all I think I did pretty good !

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