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Sunday, January 30, 2011

RiteAid is the new CVS !

I am loving RiteAid ! They are my new favorite.
This is what CVS used to be like back in the day.

This is what I got so far. I did this all in one transaction.
I was just not in the mood to break it up. I think I still did
great !

2 Dixie plates
B1G1 sale
video values coupon
2 Stayfree
B1G1 sale
 use B1G1 printable if you printed it
1/9 SS
2 Chexmix
video values coupon + man. coupon
3 Stax
1 Smuckers jelly
2 Jif Pb
video values coupon
1 Afrin
video values coupon
$3 man. coupon (expires today)
3 Edy's ice cream
1 Coricidin
video values coupon
$2 man. coupon
$45.xx before coupons
$14.33 after coupons and $20 ups + rewards
earned: $27 ups+ rewards

More RiteAid:

9 Edys fruit bars
2 Stayfree maxi pads
$ 2.20 after Ups+ from above
Earned $20 winter reward and 8 Ups+

Giant Eagle:

1 Sweet Moment
6 jars Ragu
1 Rotel
3 Snuggle dryer sheets
1 hot sauce
1 Bounty
1 Zone bar
1 dip
4 Flavor Grove nuts
1 cough drop
1 Baileys creamer
1 Bizz detergent (Eoffer)
$14.94 after coupons

I made a few trips to RiteAid for the Edy's
icecream. I bought about 8 more gallons !
I also went back and got 3 more Smuckers jelly.
I couldn't get my hands on anymore Stax :(
I just kept rolling my Ups+ rewards.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Great Coupons !

Coupons Inc.

           $1.00/1 !

FYI:  Did you know that some places let you
come back with your coupons if you've forgotten
them? GE is one of the stores that allows this.
I shopped at Sparkle market the other day. I found
Bob Evans roll sausage (sage only) on sale for .99 !
Great price on its own so I grabbed some. I bought 5
and paid $4.95. I called later when I got home and
explained that I had  forgotten my coupons. The
manager said I could come back with them! Woohoo !
 came back with the coupons and got $2.50 back.
What a deal ! Don't be afraid to ask.  I'm glad I did !

Friday, January 28, 2011

Weekly Shopping

Giant Eagle:
20 yoplait yogurts
40 Michelina frozen meals
1 coffee creamer
2 Van de Camp Frozen fishsticks
1 BE steamer
1 bag bagel thins
2 Dole crisps
6 cans Contadina pizza sauce
1 jar Marzetti jalepeno
2 pints grape tomatoes
2 bags Carolina rice
$ 40.21
$25.21 after $15 GC and coupons
Received a $3 and $2 Cat.for sauce and yogurts

Update: Got $9.30 back after going back
with my receipt and coupons I had left at
New total...$16.00

Giant Eagle:
 2nd trip
4 Sweet Moments
4 Grand biscuits
4 blocks cheese
1 kraft Shoppe mayo
$4.45 after coupons and $5 cats from above

3 Finish dish detergent
(1) 8 roll pack Brawny paper towels 
1 gallon milk
(2) 4 pack light bulbs
$2 after coupons and Ups rewards
earned : $5 Ups rewards

(3) 2 ltr. Coke
(2) 12 packs Sprite
(2) 12 packs Coke Zero
-$10 Ecb, $1 Ecb, $1 coke coupon
- $5.xx gift card (mypoints)
Received $5 Ecb

2 boxes Nutty Buttys
2 packages peanut butter crackers
2 packages cheese pretzel dippers
1 bag navel oranges
10 lb bag potatoes
1 bag carrots
1 box vanilla wafers
1 box cinnamon graham crackers
1 box instant oatmeal

4 Red Baron pizzas
3 aluminum foil
$.64 oop.....after giftcard and coupons

*** The frozen dinners were .37 a piece at GE. Not sure if this is
        everywhere.        These are discontinued .  The $15 giftcard
        is for a yoplait party I am hosting this weekend through Pssst.
        My other giftcards I used are from mypoints .****
All this for under $40 !
I still have $5 Ups rewards
and a $5 Ecb to spend !

Friday, January 14, 2011

RiteAid is the Place to be !

Wow , RiteAid really delivered this week.
I went SEVERAL times . I kept rolling my
Ups+ rewards . I did spend about $10
starting out and about $5 tax for all the
transactions I made ($15 total). I really
lost track of my spending but I'm sure that
is close to what I spent.

I used these coupons :
$1.50 off 3 Hormel (Feb. All You)
$4/$20 Video value coupon
$1 anything video value
6 Kelloggs B1G1
1 stayfree B1G1
$4 peelie for Blink eye drops (on box)
(8)$1 peelie for beef jerky (on bags)

Here's what I got...Not everything is pictured !

12 boxes of Kelloggs cereal
35 Hormel Compleat dinners
4 cans of Hunts sauce
4 boxes Barilla pasta
8 bags of beef jerky
1 mac and cheese
1 Blink eye drop
1 candy (filler)
1 lg. bottle Citrus tea (RiteAid brand)
1 box of crackers ($1 spot)
2 Stayfree
paid around $15 oop (Several Transactions)             
** Earned & used my Resolution rewards of $20 **
** Used Ups+ rewards to pay all but tax**

$22 Ups+ rewards , $7.99 rebate for the Blink
and $4XX rebate for the Fiberplus Kelloggs cereal

Friday, January 7, 2011

Kerrygold Coupon

(this coupon will be expiring soon)

Ohio -

Where not to use your Kerrygold coupons:

Trader Joes - does not except Internet coupons
Heinens -  does not except Internet coupons for free items

I had a bad experience at Heinens with this coupon.
To be fair, I will write more about it after I've heard
back from customer service !

Side note :

I wrote customer service at Kerrygold. I explained
that many stores were not excepting the coupon I
had gotten from the survey. They responded promptly
and are sending  me a real (non internet) coupon! 
I'm not sure if  it will be for the free cheese or a dollar
off amount. I am very impressed with their service.
I am also excited to try the cheese it looks good.
They are updating their website also and including
recipes. Maybe we will be able to get more coupons in the
future :)


Free Kerrygold cheese or butter after brief survey.
So easy !! I just did this in a matter of minutes !
Take the survey here .

** You will need to have your printer ready.You will get a link to the
coupon after you've completed the survey. I was able to print 2 ! **

Wondering where to use your coupon?

Trader Joes
Wid Oats
Dorthy Lane Markets
West Pointe Market
Jungle Jims

or here outside of Ohio

This is up to a $7.00 value !

(Thanks, hip2save )

More cheese coupons :)

Save $0.55 on any package of Frigo cheese
Save $0.55 on any package of Stella cheese
Save $.o55 on any package of Treasure cave cheese

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Feeling Better !

Feeling better and ready to shop !

4 (3lb) packages of hamburger ($1.70 per lb.)
2 boxes mac-n-cheese (.11 each)
1 1/2 lbs Bavarian ham ($3.99 lb)

4 Execedrin (used 4 free coupons)
2 Revlon nail clippers
used $7 Ecb + $3.24 on a gift card
received a $10 Ecb and a $7 Ecb

2nd transaction:
5 Wisk
2 Extra
$0 used above ecbs
received a $10 Ecb

tax only after Up+

Wallgreens drove me crazy this week .
I could not get my hands on the Electrosol.
I went far and wide too ! I really wasted my
time and gas. I bought coupons for the 1st .
time. I bought 10 Electrosol coupons. This
would be enough for about a year in my
household. Well at least there is a good
deal at CVS next week. Lets hope they
stock up!

4 transactions

4 Electrosol
$6 oop received (4) $1.50 RR

5th transaction

1 Oscillococcinum
6 laffy taffy (fillers)
used $6 RRs from above + $2 coupon
2.55 oop
received a $9 RR + coupon for free
Breathe Right strips

$34 oop and have a $9 RR and $10 in Ecbs
to spend.  Not bad considering that includes
lunch meat , 12lbs of hamburger and 7 bottles
of laundry detergent !

Cheap Sunday Papers

Nice headline huh? Lol !

Some stores sell discounted newly expired Sunday papers .
I was able to buy Sunday's paper at CVS for .25 a piece on
MONDAY !  I got 5 of them. This was a great find since there
were 3 coupon inserts last Sunday.  I was soooo excited .........
( = 5 Electrosol coupons ! )

I have seen discounted papers for .99 at :
Giant Eagle

I'm not sure why these were .25 ??? It may vary per store ?

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Sorry about the lack of posts. I have been sick for a couple weeks !
Now its going through the whole family. Ughhh! I hate winter :(


Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year !

Hoping that 2011 will be a great year for all of us !