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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Great Coupons !

Coupons Inc.

           $1.00/1 !

FYI:  Did you know that some places let you
come back with your coupons if you've forgotten
them? GE is one of the stores that allows this.
I shopped at Sparkle market the other day. I found
Bob Evans roll sausage (sage only) on sale for .99 !
Great price on its own so I grabbed some. I bought 5
and paid $4.95. I called later when I got home and
explained that I had  forgotten my coupons. The
manager said I could come back with them! Woohoo !
 came back with the coupons and got $2.50 back.
What a deal ! Don't be afraid to ask.  I'm glad I did !

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