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Sunday, January 30, 2011

RiteAid is the new CVS !

I am loving RiteAid ! They are my new favorite.
This is what CVS used to be like back in the day.

This is what I got so far. I did this all in one transaction.
I was just not in the mood to break it up. I think I still did
great !

2 Dixie plates
B1G1 sale
video values coupon
2 Stayfree
B1G1 sale
 use B1G1 printable if you printed it
1/9 SS
2 Chexmix
video values coupon + man. coupon
3 Stax
1 Smuckers jelly
2 Jif Pb
video values coupon
1 Afrin
video values coupon
$3 man. coupon (expires today)
3 Edy's ice cream
1 Coricidin
video values coupon
$2 man. coupon
$45.xx before coupons
$14.33 after coupons and $20 ups + rewards
earned: $27 ups+ rewards

More RiteAid:

9 Edys fruit bars
2 Stayfree maxi pads
$ 2.20 after Ups+ from above
Earned $20 winter reward and 8 Ups+

Giant Eagle:

1 Sweet Moment
6 jars Ragu
1 Rotel
3 Snuggle dryer sheets
1 hot sauce
1 Bounty
1 Zone bar
1 dip
4 Flavor Grove nuts
1 cough drop
1 Baileys creamer
1 Bizz detergent (Eoffer)
$14.94 after coupons

I made a few trips to RiteAid for the Edy's
icecream. I bought about 8 more gallons !
I also went back and got 3 more Smuckers jelly.
I couldn't get my hands on anymore Stax :(
I just kept rolling my Ups+ rewards.

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