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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wonderful Trip to Lake Michigan !

We went to South Haven Michigan for vacation.
Lake Michigan is so beautiful . The water can be
very cold but it was nice when we went (late August).


I used Priceline for the first this trip. I did alot
of research on prices and places but to be honest
it was overwhelming! I bid too low at first trying
$50 and then , being tired of looking, I increased
my bid to $70.  I ended up with 4 night for just
under $300 (after taxes).


Breakfast -

free at the hotel :)

Lunch  -

Deli fresh sandwiches , lunchables &
chips , fruit ..typical lunch box items

Dinner -

Hotel had a fridge & microwave.           
We ate in at least 2 nights having
Brats, pizza rolls , eggrolls (me)

We ate at Applebees on kids eat free night .
We had pizza at a local parlor , yum!

Entertainment :

                This is were we splurged !

                 1 1/2 hour cruise  http://saugatuckboatcruises.com/
                 Dune ride  http://www.saugatuckduneride.com/
                 Duck ride  http://www.harborducks.com/

                 Free or almost free (parking)

                  Hotel pool and hot tub

Gas and Turnpike Fees :

(not sure because my tank was full b4 we left)

about $12 there ..took scenic route back home

In the end I spent a rough total of about $800.
I traveled alone with my kids (hubby has a new job)
We extended the trip and visited my bother in
Canton, MI. He just had a baby so I really enjoyed
this part of the trip!
Our trip was 6 days long (not a full week , my
son had school orientation so we had to leave
on Monday morning).

I splurged on entertainment and it was worth it.
The duck ride starts as a land tour and then a water 
tour. It brings up its wheels and then floats. How
cool is that ?? The Dune ride was a blast. It was like
rollercoaster without a track......Awesome !
The boat ride was just absolutely gorgeous

This trip was all about the kids . I did whatever they 
wanted. Honestly they would have been happy in the 
Hotel pool though , lol.          

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