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Friday, May 25, 2012

Weekly Deals


I needed these items !
3 bottles of sauce
2 jars PB
used ECBs - $2.64, $1
Got back a $3 ECB and a $1 ECB (greentag)
Like paying $3.50 for all this !


I had $16 in staples rewards. I turn empty ink cartridges
and get $2 staples rewards for each one. Limit 10 a month.
Its getting harder for me to get these since we are now paperless
at work. I do find them occassionally at garage sales
I used the $16 staples rewards + $2 for this. (last Sat)
Then Sunday's add came out and the TP was $6 cheaper!
I took my receipt back in and got my $6 back . I bought another
TP. Paid another $2 .

Sooo, in the end paid $4 oop for this after the $16 rewards

Goodwill :

 Norwalk Goodwill

Avon Goodwill

7 pairs of socks (new)
1 birdhouse
Pyrex (Norwalk Thriftstore)
2 pairs Clark shoes  
Jean skirt
golf shirt
woman's shirt
microwave turntable (no pic)
Slimslide (no pic)
$ 50.00

The Pyrex are my favorite find !
I paid $28 . LOVE LOVE them !
They are for MEEEEEEE ;)

The owl and birdhouse are outdoor decor.
The woman's shirt, slimslide and socks are
for me. The rest I will be putting on ebay.

 I made fabric softener !

I found this on pinterest

6 cups water (used tap)
3 cups white vinegar (had)
2 cups conditioner ($1)

stir , don't shake .

Verdict : Works !!! ....would like a it to have a little more fragrance.
I guess that would depend on the conditioner you buy.

All and all a great week so far and its only Friday morning !
Spent less than $60 and hope to get some back by selling a
few things. Did I mention I LOVE LOVE the pyrex, lol  !!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wednesday Deals

Giant Eagle:

5 boxes Krave cereal
2 Jello temptations
1 box Snackwells
2 Swiss tea gallon size
1 giant jar pickle
 $25.00 before coupons


3 mushroom containers
1 bag Romaine lettuce
1 block cheese
parmesian cheese
 $8.00 no coupons


3 pack socks

Used $6.45 Shop your rewards points. I ended up paying only
$1.45 for the socks! I got an email saying $5.00s was added to
my account. Nice I love free money. Be on the look out for this
email if you are a shop your rewards member.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hot Rollers to the Rescue

                                 $3 investment  =

                                                                                       Beautiful !!!!


Went to CVS today. I have had a surplus of toothpaste and shampoo for about 2 years now. The time has come to replenish my stock.  
2 Pantene poos
1 Colgate toothpaste

B1G1Pantene coupon (4/29 P&G)  
 $1 off any  toothpaste
 ( CVS "magic" coupon machine )

  $2 Ecb

Paid:   $ 4.11

            $1 Ecb & $2.49  Ecb  

Like paying  0.62 ¢   !!!!!! 

Small start to a new stockpile ;)