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Sunday, June 10, 2012

What An Awesome Week !

Wow, what a great week all together ! 
Where to begin ???

My husband rented a space at the local Flea market .
It is something he's wanted to do for a long time.

Packed the SUV !

Pic. of the flea market.

Of course the picture of his "space" didnt turn out.
Oh well, but you can see how stuffed his SUV was !
It was $12 to rent the space and he made almost $200.
Not to shabby ;)

He also sold a bike he had for what he paid for...its been
sitting in the garage , so happy to break even !
....and he also sold some wood for $40 .

I hit many garage sales here are just a few of the highlights:

 Bowling ball $1
mailbox .75
costume $1.75

These items were purchased at a local church sale. I bought the
mailbox for .75 ! I was telling the cashier I thought the price on
that was awesome. She said it was donated by another local
church. Turns out this was at the church that my daughter
went to for preschool. She is now 8 and remembers it .  

 Pyrex $2

All items FREE !!!!

It was the last day of a tag sale and I must of went at a good time !
Anything left was FREE!!!! Can you believe it. I found Addidas
pants for  my son ,  6 shirts for my daughter, a ScoobyDoo book
bag, a sticker maker and 5 belts!  I plan on making something with
the belts so I was happy to get them FREE ! I love the colors too.

Now Looky !!!!!!

and here.....

shoes and more shoes

can"t have too many clothes

Can you believe this !! I have heard of people finding American girl
dolls and have been sooooo jeolous . I  spotted the dolls at a garage
sale and asked if they were for sale ( I knew they were AG).  Yes,
they were and for $3 a piece ! Holy Cow !!! Then the owner said, 
" I'll give you this whole tub for $15." I asked how much for
everything (dolls plus tub) and he said $25 !!!!!!!!!!   OMG !!!!  I
was in shock ! I glanced at the tub and at that point  I wasn't too
impressed . There were odds and ends in there too so I thought
maybe 25% would be AG doll stuff . I couldn't wait to get home !
Wow, was I surprised when,  aside from a couple things , the tub
was all AG stuff !!!  My daughter is a lucky girl right now ;)

Some of the things I got :

2 AG dolls
1 Bitty baby
1 Bitty bear
Coconut (dog)
Licorice (cat)
2 stands
30+ outfits
22+ shoes
pet accessories
Bitsy bear acessories
Snowboard and accessories

and so much more !!!

It took forever for us to go through the tub and look at every
single tag . Then we orginized the outfits according to how we
thought they would go. Then I told my daughter she could pick
out what ever she wanted . What fun she had ! I am most
likely selling the other items on ebay. I let her keep 2 of the
dolls and I will sell one. Its not in the best shape but I heard they
still sell. I have at least 22 outfits to sell as well. We are both happy!!!


Jill said...

Sounds like it was a perfect day!!! Free is always good...

The Thrifty Momma Says said...

Great score on the dolls. The babies are called Bitty Babies so you will want to use that in your title. My daughter would be totally jelous.

kathie said...

Thank you ! I changed Bitsy to Bitty bear. I usually would never be able to buy AG dolls and accessories. I am thankful I spotted them ;)