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Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Pepsi Stuff

Yes , this is a bad habit of mine. I just love pop! My husband
is the same way. We save all our caps and enter them on the
pepsi stuff website. If you have been doing this you may already
know that the promotion has ended as of today. I was hoping to
enter a few more codes tonight but no luck it HAS ended:(
However , on the pepsi stuff website there is a mail-in offer for $15
back in Pepsi and Frito-Lay coupons by mail. You must purchase 3
pepsi & 3 Frito-Lay products that are listed on the mail-in form.

Not the greatest , I know, but if you are going to be buying these
items anyways then why not take advantage of the offer. Purchase
dates are from 12/28/08 -02/17/09.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Coupons expiring soon

Time to check your coupon stash. Alot of coupons are expiring this month.

I just used $1 off Valassis pickle coupons to stockpile some pickles.
The relish is a $1 at Walmart making it free after the coupon:)
The ovals are $1.79.......so .79. This coupon expires soon!

*prices may vary*

You can find the Valassis coupon on The Centsible Sawyer blog.
You can find a link to her blog on my sidebar

Walmart Clearance

I found some underwear, socks and pj's in the Christmas clearance aisle.
They are 50% off. I think they are cute. The socks and underwear are
2.50 per set. The pj's are $5. They are in cute gift packs. These would
be great to put away for next Christmas .

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas to all !


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Tim
We love you honey

CVS 2 day sale Hurry

4 listerine
2 first aid kits
2 rolaids
2 sally hansen nail polish
1 benefiber
1 metallic eye shadow
__________________ =45.00 +tax
-.75 x2 listerine coupon
-1.00x3 Cvs listerine coupon
-2.00 loreal makeup
-3.00 Cvs coupon for polish
-2.00 benefiber coupon
-1.00x2 Cvs coupon 4 kit
-2.00__________________-15.50 coupons
-30.00 Ecbs
oop .85
earned 42.00 Ecbs
profit of $11.00
2nd: ....cant find receipt so oop is a guess
1 Listerine
1 bandaid
1 zipfizz
1 prohealth toothpaste
__________________=15.60 +tax
-.50 listerine
-.1.00 Cvs coup listerine
-.50 bandaids
-1.00 prohealth
-12.00 ecb
oop .85 (guess)
3rd: no picture
1 Excedrin
1 metallic eye shadow
1 Zantac
__________________= 16.00 +tax
-1.00 Zantac
-1.50 cvs coup for pain reliever
-12.00 ecb
00p 1.65
ecbs earned 16.00
Started with 30 ecbs
Ending with 46 !!!!!!
I got paid $16.00 to take all this home!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Remember to check your receipts!

A couple days ago I went to Cvs to buy a couple of spinbrushes.
They were on sale for 4.99. I bought 2 of them. They rang up
5.99. I said something to the cashier and she said that was the
sale price. Well I went back to where I got them and sure enough
they charged me $2 too much.
Today I went to Penneys and the ornaments I got were 60% off. I
was only given 50% off. So I went back and again they over charged
me. I was refunded almost $3s.
Thats $5 I could have lost by not checking my receipts. I wonder how
often this happens. It all adds up!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Good deal on the Entertainment book

Check out how you can get a free or cheap Entertainment book : http://freebies4mom.blogspot.com/

Cyber Monday..... Enter at your own risk....ranting in progress

My feelings about shopping online are mixed. I thought I
made some wonderful purchases. I was really happy with
what I got and the amount I spent. I also spent ALOT of
time researching on the net. I used promo codes and
ordered through ebates to earn rewards. All sounds good
right???? .................................. No:(
I made only two purchases on that Monday and both were
cancelled!!! My toys R us purchase was cancelled within a
couple days. This was really upsetting because I spent 3
hours looking for the perfect gift. Later I went back to look
at my order and it said cxed. What???
I called customer service and they said " no its not cancelled".
Ok now I have another 45 min. invested making calls, hold
time etc. Guess what the next day I got an e-mail that said
my order was Cxed because there was a problem with the
promo code (get $ off for paying with paypal). I knew it....
AGHHHH!!!! (the problem was a glitch) Well believe it or
not Toys R Us sent me another promo code that gave me
the same exact deal. I was a little nervous that I wouldn't get the
same prices since I ordered on Cyber Monday (Sales). I am so happy to
say that I got an even better deal!!! An item I wanted was not in stock
on Cyber Monday but was now in stock now>>>OH JOY:) (haha).
I ended spending alittle more but this was really what my son
wanted for Christmas. Well some how I ended up with free shipping
(I didnt get free shipping last time) My total ended up being even less
than my 1st total!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Toys R Us Really did what they needed
to keep the customer happy and in the end kept my business:)

Well all is not well with my CVS purchase! I am really upset.
My order was confirmed on Dec. 1st and I received a message
yesterday that they cancelled my order ( 2 weeks later).
The item is out of stock. NICE!!! I am really mad they waited
so long to tell me this. This actually was a gift for my husbands
birthday on the 20th. This really stinks , now I have no present.
Plus I got this item 50% off . I will never find anything that nice
for that price I'm sure. Thats all I got was the message .
There was no substitution offered. I wrote them and they wrote
back that it was out of stock and they are sorry but I am free to
order something else. NO KIDDING....Gee Thanks. I wrote them
back and asked if they could let me use the same promo code so
that I could have 50% off on something else. They wrote me back
and said "Sorry but we cancelled your order due to lack of inventory.
They didn't even answer my question.

To me this is poor customer service. I will never order online from
them again. I really didn't want to order online but the promo
was only online only.
This leaves a really bad 1st impression. Have they lost my business .......
I guess not because I really get great deals at they're store.
BUT they have lost my business online and on this purchase.

CVS have you forgotten who is your bread and butter???
I'll remind you......

Ahhhhh:) I fell better now!

Saturday, December 13, 2008


I had a $10 off coupon and combined it with $10/50 coupon.

3 shirts
1 4/pk socks
total about $52, - $20 after coupons

$32 oop saved $85 with sale and coupons

Back to Walgreens


Pedegg, 1 pedegg replacement blade, 1 laundry detergent

-$5 RR

pd: $8.03

This didn't work out the way I planned!

The detergent rang up 1.99 today so my total was

under $25 so no RR:(


2 digital photo keychains (50%off), laundry detergent and deodorant

-1.50 Wags coupon, -1 ( both for the deodorant)

$18.47 oop earned $5RR


3 12pks coke, sure deodorant, dog treats and a comb, razor

-3 coke coupons, -1.50 wags coup (deodorant), free dog treats coup.,

-2 comb, -3 wags coupon (razor) and $5 RR

$8.xx oop earned a $2RR and a $5RR


Stetson aftershave and 4 pencils

-$5 RR

$1 oop

All this for about $35.00 and I have a $2RR left.

Its more oop then I like but I figured I saved about $65:)

I got alot of gifts and things we needed so I guess I did ok.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Lovin Walgreens!

1st transaction:
2 packs English muffins
1 dozen eggs
2 reynolds wrap
2 laundry soap
3 ornaments
$7.13 after coupons Received a $5 RR

2nd transaction:
2 laundry soaps
2 reynolds wrap
2 3pks scotch tape
2 ragu
$10.xx Received $5RR & will get a $2 rebate for the tape

I have $10 to spend!!!
In case you don't know Walgreens is having a four day sale.
Spend $25 and get a $5 RR for your next trip. I have done this a
couple times and the $25 is before coupons. This works out in
your favor!

The laundry detergent really brought my total up. It rings up 6.99
so 13.98 for two. There is a coupon in their 4 day flyer that makes them
1.99 .

There are endless possibilities. The sale ends Sat. so try to head out.

Walmart Price Matches

You may already know that Walmart will price match.

I just wanted to mention what a friend of mine did. ......

She was having trouble using her gift card online so she
went to Walmart to make her purchase in the store. Walmart
didn't have the same deal in the store that they had online. I
guess online the camera she wanted was $40.00 cheaper and
came with a free memory card. She asked an associate
who said she didn't think she could give her that price
but when she asked the manager he said they have to since
they price match! So she got her camera $40s cheaper with
a memory card and she saved herself the shipping cost.

Good to know:)

Monday, December 8, 2008

More Shopping

1st aid kit
2 maybelline lipglosses
1 powerade
- 2/$4 maybelline coupons 12/7 RP
- $1 cvs coupon for 1st aid kit found in the CVS diabetes magazine
=$2.13 used gift card, $0 oop
ECBS earned $1.59

2 Lumen air candles
1 cornbread mix
about $1.30
Used 2 /$5 coupons from 12/7 smartsource

box of 3 ornaments
-$5 (sign up to receive emails from kohls and get a $5 coupon)
= about $ 3.15

All for about $4.50 plus I have a $1.59 ecb to spend:)

JcPenney Coupon

$10.00 off a $10.00 or more purchase.

This came in my mailbox. Check yours , others reported getting them too:)