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Friday, January 30, 2009

Stockpiling Obsession

I have been trying to keep a descent stockpile.
It seems that no matter how much I buy it dwindles
away. It seems like it goes down faster than
normal. I wonder if it the fact that you know there
is more so you don't limit yourself. I feel like I'm
just 1 step ahead. Adding then subtracting. It makes
me crazy. I feel obsessed. I want to see mass quantities
on my shelves. I almost feel like guarding it. Lol


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Big lots 20% off coupon


Sign up for the Buzz club here: http://www.biglots.com/
and get your 20% off coupon.

Hurry expires Feb.1st!

Free Diet Dr Pepper

Sign up here: http://www.freedietdrpepper.com/

I love Diet Dr. Pepper! Photobucket

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Free juice at Target


3 fiber1 bars (2pk)
2 Ocean Spray Juices
1 box Fiber1 toaster pastry
$1.10 oop after coupons !!!

Giant Eagle:

2 Knorr recipe soup mix
$1.50 + tax after coupons

Rite Aid:

2 Colgate toothpaste
$1.50 + tx after coupons

I really liked my Target deals! The cashier questioned
every coupon though :( I hate that but in the end I
walked away with some great deals.
You can do the same at Target. Ocean Spray is 1.99.
Use $1 Target coupon and a $1 man. coupon from a past
Sunday insert = free juice. Fiber1 2pks are by the register
use coupons from past inserts = .50 for each box.
Fiber1 poptarts were free. I used a coupon found at Marcs.
It was buy 3 fiber1 products get a free fiber1 toaster pastry.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Wow $20 bought all this

All this for $20! I was so excited.

Lets see if I can remember what I got....

Rite aid:

3 soft soaps

1 Colgate toothpaste

= about $2.50


I had a 10/50 coupon . I had a plan when I first went in but of course

they didn't have a most of the things on my list :( I really had no

other game plan and I was tired so I really didn't think too hard about it.

I actually did better than I would have originally!!!! I was very happy:)

4 12pks pepsi

1 bag Lays

4 Gatorade's

2 glade candle holders

2 Sunday papers

2 packs diet gum

2 greeting cards

Charmin wipes

1 pack gum (filler)

1 Bayer chewable aspirin

1 Excedrin pain reliever

=1.50 after ecbs + coupons ...plus I actually got all

my ecbs back plus $1extra for next time.

*I will send my receipt in for the pepsi rebate.

Giant Eagle:

4 mayo

1 wishbone

5 boxes tissue

2 Knorr sides

4 Quaker rolled oats

3 Quaker instant oatmeal

6 mentos gum

4 dole 4pks

1 gallon milk


$16 after coupons

Someone left a coupon for a free tissue:) I left my change though .20.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Free swagbuck


New Swagbucks code: BeRewarded

Do not paste and copy. Type as
shown for 1 free swagbuck:)

Search & Win

Friday, January 16, 2009

Big Lots clearanced Christmas items

I just can't help stocking up on Christmas items. This is the first year
in awhile that I ran out of wrapping paper and bags. I hate paying full
price! Well anyways if you are still looking Big Lots has items 75% off.
They have some cute things:)
They also have Christmas gift sets at 50% off. I bought a few stocking
stuffers for my daughter. They had bonniebell chapstick for .60 (3). I
also got a Barbie gift set that includes a perfume and small stuffed dog
for $4. They had alot of manicure sets and lotion sets marked down.
Your store may vary.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Just for fun

I thought it would be fun to keep a tab of money that I find.
Meaning, change I find on the ground , in an old coat, etc.
I am totally copying this idea but I can't remember whom I
should credit.

Todays Total:


I'll just post when I find something.

Sign up and get some fabulous money saving coupons.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Suave Shampoo


Free bottle of Sauve shampoo http://www.suave.com/nomics/index.html.
Today only!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Marc's Deals

Be on the look out for $1 off coupons on cinnamon and brown
sugar flavored whole grain pop tarts. I have found these at
Walmart before and now have spotted them at Marc's.
It is a better deal at Marc's because they are priced 2/$3.
That makes them .50 a box with the coupon!

While your at Marc's be on the look out for the Fiber one
pop pastrys. There is a peelie on the front of the box. It is
for: buy 3 fiber one products get a free fiber one pop pastry.
This works great at Giant Eagle this week. Fiber one products
are 4/$9 after $1 instant rebate.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Soyjoy sample

Yet another free soyjoy to have.
Thanks http://bargainbriana.com/
for this Walmart Freebie:



Wow soyjoy is a money maker this week!
Cvs has them free after Ecb and Rite aid
has them FAR.

There was a coupon in the 1/4 Sunday paper
for $3 off 10 soyjoy bars. I have been using
this at CVS and making a $3 profit when buying
2 boxes. I have gotten 6 boxes so far and have
earned ECBS on all them even though the limit
is 5??? Rumor is that the limit is now 10:) I will
be trying this out today.

Rite aid has 10 bars for $5 with a rebate of $5.
So free! But wait, use the $3 off 10 and make a
profit of $3 after rebate:)

I just couldn't resist buying these since they will
make me money. You know what? Don't tell anyone
but I actually like these...huh!!!!!! I heard they taste
good warm too but I haven't tried that yet.

Cvs Coupon Expires Today

The 5/15 coupon expires today. If you have more shopping
to do at CVS you may want to head on out today. The 3/15
can sweeten the ecb deals and make them a moneymaker!
I have been taking advantage of this coupon! I will miss it:(

I have never asked about this but I've heard some Cvs stores
will take expired coupons up to a week or two old. You may
want to check your store location.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Giant Eagle Deals


Ludens cough drops are 10/$10. There is a coupon in Sundays paper for $1.
= FREE :)

Also the betty crocker boxed potatoes are 10/$10.
There are coupons for .35. Double that and the
potatoes are .30 . If you buy 10 in 1 transaction
you get 50 bonus box tops.

Sunday, January 4, 2009


I started with $0 ECBs :

1st: 2 throat coolers and a nasal spray

-2.00 nasal spray, - 4.99 B1G1 throat cooler, - 3/15

$9 oop earned $9.98 ecb, $7.99 ecb , $1.50 fall spending ecb


2nd: 1 nasal spray, 2 pringles, 1 soyjoy 6pk, 1 can of tuna

-2.00 nasal spray, - 3/15, -1.50 fall spending, - 9.98 ecb

.31 oop earned: $ 7.99 ecb, $ 6.00 ecb


3rd: 2 colgate toothpastes, listerine white pen

-1.50 cvs colgate , 2 x .75 colgate, -3 white pen cvs , -3/15, -6ecb

.00 oop earned: $2 ecb


4th: 2 throat coolers, 1 soyjoy 6pk, 2 ramon noodles

-1.00 soyjoy, -4.99 throat cooler, -3/15, -7.99 ecb

.00 oop earned $ 9.98 ecb, $ 6.00 ecb


Grand total:

oop: $9.xx

earned $ 26 ecbs , plus will buy one more listerine pen

to get a $10 ecb!


Sorry no pics:(

I just couldn"t stay away from Cvs!!!!!!! I heard the soyjoy

limit was increased to 10 boxes. I had a coupon for $3 off 10 bars.

I used 1 and bought 2 boxes at a time. This was a profit of $3 .

Luv that. I used clearance Christmas items as fillers. I really

got some cute things.

I also bought the cottenelle tp 20 roll pack, listerine pen and reached

the limit on the throat coolers. Oh , I bought the glade candles dbl pack too.

* used 2 glade coupons on this and it worked* .

Basically I used 1 free after ECB item and a filler. Used a coupon

on the Free after ECB item and the $3/15 coupon.

I had $0 ecbs when I started and now I have....$38!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can see many scenarios and coupon match ups at http://thecentsiblesawyer.blogspot.com/

Walmart, Target and Walgreens Shopping


2 pops
1 juice
2 poptarts
1 crab salad
4 steamers
2 chair cushions
1 HM ornament
-5.00 coupons
Total: $ 23.00


1 gingerbread house kits
3 gift bags
1 pack tissue paper
2 napkins
1 ornament
1 sweat pant
Total: $ 8.xx
no coupons, holiday clearance items


1 electrasol Rebate: $1.50
2 Ben & Jerry ice cream
-8.50 coupons
1.27 on gift card
Total: $.00

Grand total spent: $ 31.00

+ rebate - 1.50
$ 29.50

Not bad considering the price of the chair pads alone

were $10. I've had my eye on these for awhile.

They were $15 a piece at one time.

Friday, January 2, 2009


Earn 1 Swagbuck Today only! Enter NewYear2009 where it says enter
promo code. This can be found by clicking on the upper right corner
in the colored square.

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I am re-posting this:

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Ways I saved/earned money in 08

One of my news year resolutions is to keep track of
the ways I save/earn money.

Here are some methods I used in 08 :

Earned $:


-recycling cans .........not paying as well right now.
The price of aluminum as gone down.

-ebay..........................selling things we dont use
or garage sale finds, goodwill & auction items.

-craigslist...................we sold a few things but you
have to careful of scammers.

-mystery shopping...I only did one in o8 .

-rebates......................I got burned on rebates in the past.
This year I decided to give it another try. Walgreens is
a great place to start. I have had better luck this year.
Make sure to follow directions and keep copies for yourself.
Keep a record of when you sent in the rebate and when
you should get it back. Write a contact # down in case
you don't receive your rebate and don't hesitate to call.

-mypoints..................Earn points by shopping through their
links, clicking on e-mails, referrals, misc. I also get points
through bzzagent. Points can be redeemed for gift cards.

-ebates.......................earn $ by shopping through they're link.
They pay you by check or paypal.

-Bank offers..............earn money by opening new bank accounts.
-Online offers............ I earned a $500 gas card!
I learned how to do the bank and online offers on
http://moneysavingmethods.blogspot.com .
I highly recommend her blog! She is my favorite.

-sell books or magazines....I have made $ on amazon selling books
and at 1/2 books by selling my old magazines (got them free).
Don't forget about selling your old text books.

-recycling ink cartridges.....turn these in at Staples or Officemax.
Sign up for they're rewards cards and earn gift certificates to
spend in their store. I have gotten free waters and don't forget
they have gift cards. I have also gotten tracfone minutes:)

-garage sale/yard sale......technically we didn't really have either.
What we did do was put out items in our front yard to sell......
for example: tires , a pickup truck, big wheels , strollers. We live
on a busy street and all these items sold! You can do this too or
have a typical garage sale. If your not using it why keep it?


- use coupons..........They are like money. Learn to use them. I highly
recommend this!

-Sale shop................Stock up on things when they are on sale. If
you buy a sale item with a coupon you will save even more. Better
to keep the money in your pocket then the store's.

-Use promo codes online......I used these online during Christmas.
Use your search engine and type in for example: Walmart promo

codes. These are like online coupons.

Cvs shopping.....Cvs can save you alot. Learn to earn ECBS,
"Extra care bucks". You earn them on certain items and
can earn a bit of money if you use coupons on that item.
You need to sign up for their rewards program. You'll get a card.
Use the card every time you shop at CVS.

These are couple of examples of ways I've earned/saved money.
They are what I can remember at the top of my head right now.
I will try to keep better track next year so that I can share them.
I will keep doing the above mentioned as well as learning more
avenues to make for prosperous 2009 (hopefully).

Sunday Inserts

This Sunday will have 5 coupon inserts. For a preview click :http://www.taylortownpreview.com/id87.htm
You may want to buy a couple papers . There are alot of
good coupons !