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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Walgreens RR on Glucerna

4 Glucerna cereals
2 hunts
1 cat food
$1.58 after coupons

Received: (2) $2.50 RRs

I needed the hunts to complete the Congra foods
rebate. I will get $5 for that.
I will send my receipts to Caregiver's Marketplace
to receive another $4 on the Glucerna cereal!
Go here to learn how: http://hip2save.blogspot.com/2009/03/glucerna-high-value-10-coupon.html


All you magazine has a coupon for a FREE mascara!
It does say you must purchase at Walmart. I've heard
rumors that you could use it anywhere but Target told
me no. I couldn't find the mascara at all last week .
I found one last night!!!! Keep looking the coupon is good
until May. This is well worth the price of the magazine.

1 Sexy Curves mascara (free)
1 Sea Pak shrimp popper (-1 coupon)


My 1st trip to Acme ever!

I was visiting a friend who lived

near one. Here's what I got:

2 chocolate milks
1 Over the moon fat free milk
Vinegar (needed this for a recipe)
2 cottage cheese
3 Kashi frozen meals
$ 10.xx

Will get $ 2.50 back on the Over the Moon milk (rebate)
so .....about $8.xx for all this:)
I found a great tear pad at Giant Eagle for the Kashi.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Target totals

Paid out of pocket ....$28.50


33 boxes of granola bars
1 bag Quakes
2 boxes instant oatmeal
4 snack size Cheetos
2 Cascade rinse agents
1 bag of goldfish
$5 gift card left to spend!

That's less then $1 per item for all this =)
Woo Hoo!!!!!

Target Again!

Back to Target =)
I'm out of coupons but I may go back?????
I can't resist this a great deal!

2 true delight bars
2 Quaker omega bars
1 Quaker Quakes
0.00 after coupons and $10 gift card (used 7.50)
Received: $5 gift card

5 Quaker granola bars
$2.50 after coupons and $7.50 in gift cards
Received: $5 gift card

opened all the 5 boxes of chocolate chunk bars for coupons

5 True Delight bars
$2.50 after coupons and $5 gift card
Received: $5 gift card

5 Quaker omega bars
4 Cheeto snack bags
$3.66 after coupons and $5 gift card
Received: $5 gift card

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Target rocks!

6 boxes granola bars
2 cascade rinses (free with coupon)
$9 ?? after coupons
Received $5 gift card
2 boxes instant oatmeal
5 boxes granola bars
1 box true delights
2 boxes simple harvest granola bars
1 bag gold fish
$10.50 after coupons and above gift card
Received: 2 $5 gift cards
I plan on doing this at least 1 more time. I found coupons
in 2 of the granola boxes so you may want to look. I think
it was the chewy chocolate chunk granola bars.

Giant Eagle frozen foods sale

Sorry for posting this late.
Sale ends today!
5 smart ones
2 bagel bites
2 Rontini bistro
12.68 after coupons
Received : $5 oyno, $1 oyno and a free redbox movie rental
2 loaves of bread
2 pasta sauces
5 smart ones
6 bags shredded cheese
18.43 after coupons
Received: $5 oyno, $3 oyno, $1 oyno + movie
3 (12pk) coke (not pictured)
6 boxes pretzels
5 smart ones
2 taco seasonings
4 bistro
2 chexmix
$10.36 after coupons ....saved 80%!
Received: $5 oyno , $2 oyno +movie
My freezer is so stuffed . I can't fit another thing in there.
$ 41.50 for all this and $7 to use and 3 movie rentals!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Restaurant.com is making me MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I purchased several certificates from restaurant.com. As I mentioned
they sent me a message about changing restriction on one of my
certificates. I was very unhappy because the terms now were that
I had to spend $50 instead of $25. I was offered a replacement if I
wasn't happy with the changes. Today I took my certificate with me to
Quaker Steak and they would not except it!! They said that
Restaurant.com fraudulently sold them. UGHHHHHHH.
That sucks especially since we were expecting to only spend about
$15. Quaker Steak didn't win my business either . They just said sorry
but its not our fault. They should have offered a discount or
something for our inconvenience. We left. We felt that we didn't want
to spend our money there. We went to Applebees instead. Good thing
we found out before we ordered. You would think with the economy
the way it is that Quaker Steak would have done something to keep
us there. That is poor customer service. As for restaurant.com????
I will let you know. Now I have to waste my time calling them.
I have several other certificates....will those be honored?
Most of them are out of town too.

Is this happening to any one else?

If you went to Walgreens...

If you went to Walgreen's and bought the Starbucks chocolates
and Sambucol..............

Check for coupons inside the box

Sambucol $3 off coupon
Starbucks chocolates $1 off coupon

Great Walgreens trip

I could have done better if I would have bought the Blink by itself

and used the RR to pay for the soap. I would have had less oop.


Blink, Sambucol, 8 dove soaps, 2 Starbucks chocolates

used : $2 off Blink, (2) $1 off Starbucks, $10 off Sambucol (WG coupon)

$21 oop and received $18RR for next transaction.


bought thing I needed

eggs, milk, 2 pops, bread, plate

used $8 RR

I hate the Walgreens I went to! There is a cashier that makes

cringe every time I see her. She scrutinizes every coupon.

She said I couldn't use the Sambucol manufacturers coupon

($4 off) I would had overage of $3 so I didn't argue. She told me that

the Dove was a limit of 3. I said I am aware of that. She also is the

only one I know that will not take a RR for milk items.

I still have a $10 RR to spend

Saturday, March 7, 2009


This is a tough month for us. I mentioned several times we were
going to need some extra money. We have run into some really
high bills that have set us back. Now to top things off our dryer
quit working! UGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This really stinks I was making some head way and thought we'd
end up ok this month. But NOOOOOOO!

Now what? I don't know this just happened. We have to purchase
another (new or used). I have wet clothes that need dryed and it
not nice enough to hang dry outside.
I'll let you know what we end up doing.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Olay Rebate

I just got a $15 visa card in the mail today. Did anyone else do this
offer awhile ago? I dont remember the exact details......... I bought
a couple Olay products and mailed the receipt and upc codes. Now
I have $15 to spend as I like. If you read my blog you know I need
all that I can get this month!

All You magazine

All you magazine is sold at Walmart. This magazine has tons
of money saving coupons in every issue. I have been wanting
to subscribe to this magazine for quit awhile now. If you are
also looking to subscribe let me tell you about this deal....
$16.00 for a 2 year subscription! That is the best deal I've
found for this magazine. Go here: http://www.becentsable.net/
for more details. Hurry this price is only good until Sunday March


Sorry about the lack of posts. I've been sick for over a week!