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Thursday, May 28, 2009

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Rebates received in the last week:

2 beer rebates...........$5x2
Unilever ham rebate...$20
total: $34.00

Wow I'm excited! This really helps :)

Oh, I also got 4(1.50) coupons for
Over the Moon milk. I sent in for the try
me free rebate ......not sure if this is what
you get or if I will actually receive a check???

*****update looking back at the offer I realized
I asked to receive the coupons**********

Sending in a rebate for Try-me-free Swiss tea today.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Made $8.50 at CVS

Had to use my $5/30 coupon today b4 it expired !

2 Neutrogena trial size sunscreen
1 Revlon nail polish
1 apricot scrub (trial size)
1 box Playtex
Roc facial wash
Colgate tp
Total b4 coupons ..................................$32.xx
after coupons...........................................$15.54

oop = $0.00 after giftcard

ECBs earned $24.00
Profit of $8.50

The trial size neutrogena are producing a $10 ECB
when you buy 2!!!! They are 1.99 each so profit of

Good deal at Marc's

Look for this at Marc's:
5 boxes mac-n-cheese
with a box of jello singles
in the middle.
(all wrapped together)
There is a $2 peelie on them.
Makes this 1.25!!!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009


My new Bzzagent campaign....OFF!
As a Bzzagent you try new products
and create a "Buzz".
I'm excited to try the Off clip and lantern!
I got lots of great coupons to give out too :)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Saturday Steals

Kraft must love us to give us so many awesome coupons this week!
I used all mine up pretty quick. Here is this weeks groceries:
Walmart #1:
4 Kraft dressings
4 Kraft BQ sauce
1 no nonsense pantyhose
2 loaves bread
4 poptarts
2 Benefiber
1 A1 sauce
1 bag string cheese
1 lint brush
$37 before coupons
$13.28 after
Walmart #2:
10 packs hotdogs
1 Caprisun
1 jug Hawaiin punch
3 bags string cheese1 kraft dressing
1 kraft Bq sauce (big bottle)
3 pop tarts
2 Crunch Munch
1 A1
2 crystal light mixes
2 sierra mist 2litre
3 Cottonelle tp
2 hotdog buns
$50.62 B4 coupons..................$31.52 after
3 boxes Fruit loops
$3 after coupons....................oop 0.00 used ECB
4 diet Dr. Pepper 2 Litre
$5 .............................oop 0.00 used RR and gift card
Giant Eagle:
Everything went perfectly today!
2 Mayo
6 knorr sides
8 Ragu
2 Skippy
2 salad dressing
1 tea
2 mentos
1 dial soap
6 lbs ground beef
2 Hefty storage bags
2 dozen eggs
1 HUGE tub LOL butter
$30.75 after coupons....................saved $43.73!
Received: $12 CAT and a $2 CAT
So spent all together : $75.55 received : $14 in Cat.
In addition: Will send in 2 Upc codes from the stringcheese
for a High School Musical poster.
Will send in movie pass points from the poptarts
for a free movie (need 1 more).
ALSO: I plan on sending my Walmart and Giant Eagle recipes
in for up to $50s back . Remember the online offers
I did? Well when I called to cancel they extended my trial and
sent me "coupons" to send in for $50 in groceries and $50 in gas $.
Will I get this?????? I'm not sure? It's worth a try. If I do then all
the groceries were free plus a $2MM.
If not then I spent money on stuff I needed anyways :)
I can't lie though I hope I get the $50 LOL.
UPDATE: I won't get the $50 :( I just noticed the coupons
are dated for the future..ie: 6/17/09 and 10/2010 !!!!
I should have caught that earlier! Oh well like I said I
will use everything I got and with the $14 I have left will
get bread and produce for next week.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's day

Happy Mother's day!!!!!!


Poptarts at Marc's


Be on the lookout for peelies on whole grain
poptarts. The coupon is fo $1 making them .88
at Marc's .

Staples purchases


1 ink cartridge
1 tracfone airtime card

used $15 earned from Staple's reward card and $30 Staples gift card
(giftcard from previous post)

= $9.39

Used rewards card for purchase and turned in 1 ink cartridge:
Will earn $3 for the ink cartridge and 10% back on my purchase!

In the mail

Lots of good things in the mail!
Gorton's calender (sent in upc codes)
Quaker party kit (sent in upc codes)
Vocalpoint sent me Kashi coupons
Staples rewards.....$15
Staples giftcard ($30)
(Staples card from online offer)

Happy Birthday Justin



You were born on Mother's day 10 years ago!
You were the best Mother's day present I could
ever get:) You really are a joy. I love you!