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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

BJ's shopping

I was very fortunate to receive a $25 gift card and free 60
day trial membership to BJ's. Thanks to BJ's and General
Mills, through My blogspark, for this exciting opportunity! 

I have always wanted to try BJ's . BJ's is very similar to
Sam's club and Costco. It is a warehouse club where
you can buy things in bulk. You do have to pay a
membership fee.

I went to customer service with my 60 day trial printout.
They made me a card with my photo on it ! I also asked
a few questions about their coupon policy. They have
BJ coupons at the front desk and I believe when you
become a member you will have access to more coupons
depending on your membership type.

 Heres the scoop:
-You can use a BJ's coupon with a manufacturer coupon
-You can use internet coupons (at least at mine)
-You can use more than one coupon on a bulk pack
  if there are more than one item in the pack.
  For example:  for a 4 pack of progresso soup, you
                        could use 4 manufacturer coupons!

Use BJ's coupons and manufacturer coupons to maximize
your savings.

Here is what I got:

I also got a 32 pack of sprite...not pictured.
I had a party I was hosting and BJ's  was a great place to find what I needed. Look at that yummy cheesecake. Their bakery department is amazing! I thought the cheesecake was a great deal at $10.99. The bread was less than $4 for 20 rolls, also a great price for fresh bread. I did spurge on the pop alittle but sometimes you don't have the luxury of time.                                                                                                  
Coming soon $25 BJ's gift card giveaway!!!


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