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Sunday, November 21, 2010

**Hot** Olay Deal at Walmart !!! + Other Purchases

Buy this  Sensuous skin care set at Walmart. 
Look for the bonus Allure subscription on
the package.  This is currently $10 at Walmart.
Use the $5 off Olay body wash when you purchase
secret coupon ( coupon goes through no problem ).
Pay $5 + tax and get a $9.99 rebate back . That makes
This a money maker! This is a nice set too!!!! 

*** You will have to opt out of getting the magazine subscription
to get the rebate. Scroll down and fill out the bottom of this form : 
here. Mail this in along with your receipt and bonus card found inside
the package. Learn more about the rebate here:  Rebate info ******

Thanks Hip2Save for the rebate info !

This is what else I got at Walmart today:

3  Kashi TLC bars
(used 2/$3 off coupons from Recyclebank)
1 bag pears
( found coupon on Kashi for $3 off fruit when
   you buy 3 Kashi products)
3 Seapak poppers
( 3/$1 coupons)
1/ 3 pk Chocolate milk
(Coupon from Bzzagent campaign = free)
Olay Set (includes Olay body wash and Secret body spray)
($5 coupon from P&G)

Total : $11.30
                  - 9.99 rebate
                    $ 1.31 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Laura @ Frugal Follies said...

Love that Kashi/fruit deal!

So glad you linked up at Wednesday Weekly Shopping at Frugal Follies! I'd love so see you again next Wednesday!

Courtney said...

Why would you use this coupon if you didnt purchase the secret? '$5 off Olay body wash when you purchase
secret coupon'

kathie said...

I used the $5 off olay when you purchase secret coupon because the set I bought had a secret body spray in it. It also had an Olay body wash in it so technically I was purchasing both items stated on the coupon. The coupon went through no problems and I haven't had a cashier question me and I've done this a couple times.

kathie said...

Thanks Laura.....that deal just fell together when I got to the store. I noticed the peelie for the fruit and decided to buy and extra Kashi item so I could use it. I didn't have a coupon for the extra item but I thought it was worth it because of the fruit . I was going to get bananas anyways :)