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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wonderful Trip to Lake Michigan !

We went to South Haven Michigan for vacation.
Lake Michigan is so beautiful . The water can be
very cold but it was nice when we went (late August).


I used Priceline for the first this trip. I did alot
of research on prices and places but to be honest
it was overwhelming! I bid too low at first trying
$50 and then , being tired of looking, I increased
my bid to $70.  I ended up with 4 night for just
under $300 (after taxes).


Breakfast -

free at the hotel :)

Lunch  -

Deli fresh sandwiches , lunchables &
chips , fruit ..typical lunch box items

Dinner -

Hotel had a fridge & microwave.           
We ate in at least 2 nights having
Brats, pizza rolls , eggrolls (me)

We ate at Applebees on kids eat free night .
We had pizza at a local parlor , yum!

Entertainment :

                This is were we splurged !

                 1 1/2 hour cruise  http://saugatuckboatcruises.com/
                 Dune ride  http://www.saugatuckduneride.com/
                 Duck ride  http://www.harborducks.com/

                 Free or almost free (parking)

                  Hotel pool and hot tub

Gas and Turnpike Fees :

(not sure because my tank was full b4 we left)

about $12 there ..took scenic route back home

In the end I spent a rough total of about $800.
I traveled alone with my kids (hubby has a new job)
We extended the trip and visited my bother in
Canton, MI. He just had a baby so I really enjoyed
this part of the trip!
Our trip was 6 days long (not a full week , my
son had school orientation so we had to leave
on Monday morning).

I splurged on entertainment and it was worth it.
The duck ride starts as a land tour and then a water 
tour. It brings up its wheels and then floats. How
cool is that ?? The Dune ride was a blast. It was like
rollercoaster without a track......Awesome !
The boat ride was just absolutely gorgeous

This trip was all about the kids . I did whatever they 
wanted. Honestly they would have been happy in the 
Hotel pool though , lol.          

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Interesting Walmart Tidbit

walmart logo Pictures, Images and Photos

I was looking on the Walmart website and noticed the shower
curtain I just bought was $4 cheaper online. I called Walmart
to see what to do and they said they do not price match their
online store ....ok ?  She said that Walmart prices are always
cheaper online. She also told me it is better to buy online and
have it shipped to the store (free shipping to store). Hum??

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Last minute shopping

Giant Eagle :
10 breakfast on the go
2 Carolina rice
2 Axe deodorants
2 Axe body sprays
3 packs taco seasoning

2 Rimmel mascara

3 Fructis shampoo

2 Colgate TP
2 skinny cow
1 Keri lotion

2 Velvetta Helpers
3 Gilette gift sets
1 Hormel bacon
3 Nozema razors
4 notebooks
4 bags pancakes


$46.00 oop for all the above
  $3 ECB
$5 RR

**Like paying $38 ! **

Saved my shopping for Sat. This trip wore me out ! Lots of running around .
In the end I got 46 items for "$38" (after rewards). That's less then $1 an item !

Pancake coupon still available here . $3.28 at Walmart.
$2,28 after coupon (24 in bag)

Nice Find at Walmart !

I had (2) $4 off coupons for the Fusion Proglide razor. I went to Walmart and was disappointed because the razor was priced at $9.99. I didn't think it was much off a bargain to pay $6. Then I remember reading that some of the sets were clearanced priced.  I took the gift set to the scanner to price check. I was surprised that it was $6 because it was clearly not marked on sale ! So be on the look out for these. It's a nice value at $2. It includes body wash , deodorant, Proglide razor, and cooling lotion.

Not sure if this a local deal but you may want to price check this set. The coupon was from the
August P&G and expires 8/31.

The coupon fairy left a $4 coupon . That is how I ended up getting 3 sets !