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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Nice Find at Walmart !

I had (2) $4 off coupons for the Fusion Proglide razor. I went to Walmart and was disappointed because the razor was priced at $9.99. I didn't think it was much off a bargain to pay $6. Then I remember reading that some of the sets were clearanced priced.  I took the gift set to the scanner to price check. I was surprised that it was $6 because it was clearly not marked on sale ! So be on the look out for these. It's a nice value at $2. It includes body wash , deodorant, Proglide razor, and cooling lotion.

Not sure if this a local deal but you may want to price check this set. The coupon was from the
August P&G and expires 8/31.

The coupon fairy left a $4 coupon . That is how I ended up getting 3 sets !

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